Friday evening Thread

That’s right, it’s the evening now, people, suck it up. What’s going on with you? We’re being held at a red signal, which seems to be a popular announcement of late.

Pretty excited about seeing The Beths. Less excited about not knowning the words

Bold as brass, @Avery

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Avin a bath. Pizza later (obvs). Fin.

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It’s most definitely not the evening. May let you off though.

Watched the whole of Darkplace today and watched the snow fall. Feeling a bit antsy and like I need to get out. Gonna do bangers and mash and watch the opening game of the toryball tournament. Got some Aldi stubbies in. Hope they’re good.

Off to the funeral home in a few minutes, then hopefully meeting some ATDs. I cannot wait to get back to Cork.


I’m home from a meeting about the new film festival I’ve founded! Heading out again in a bit as I’m catsitting for my friend across town this weekend, just need to sort out the flat first as my parents will be arriving while I’m gone (and in this weather I’d rather not have to come back tomorrow or Sunday to do it).

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Hey, I’ve finished work, it’s dark I’m in a pub and have already been drinking. Sounds like the evening to me.

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What pizza you getting?

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Good (v early) evening

Just went to sainos in the cold and wet to stock up on beer and junk food

Night in with the kids, I’ll be eating pizza. We need to pick a good movie. I have Coco from cinema paridiso, so maybe that

As I said, I’ll let you off.

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Well, you said you may do, so thanks for the confirmation


Cat photos are expected. Good luck with the film festival.

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Was suppose to be getting my Coiffeured but my Coiffeur has rescheduled to tomorrow morn.
So gonna meet an ATD and pretend that I do t have a cold.

Most glorious of Friday evenings to you all :kissing_heart:

Off to London to see Low and @aboynamedgoo


Having Linda McCartney sausage roll and chips after pizza last night.

Had an excellent snow day which even included a nap.

It’s telly and some wine in a bit.

Feels like evening here, drawn the curtains and everything


Had a big lunch and a couple of pints with it so trying to stay awake. Probably watch some shit tv and have a bacon roll in a bit.


YW. Enjoy the Beths. Hope they play this.

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Chicken, chips, gravy, a lot of beers, couple of games of yahtzee, bed.

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Thanks so do i. I’ve been trying to ignore setlists and imagine it will be short as it’s a support.