Friday evening Thread

It’s from their EP, and is better than everything on the album. 8 mins until its evening btw

8 minutes until regulation evening, 22 mins past Friday evening commencement.

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I like you @Avery, but I’m not happy with this flagrant disregard for proper evening thread protocol.

Off to the pub to meet ex work colleagues.

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Got another headache. Wondering if its down to B12 - but cant figure out if from too much or not enough.

Had a vivera sweet potato and pumpkin burger for dinner.

Going to read if my headache allows and have an early night.

What I’m taking from this is that you like me. I like you too @anon76851889.

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I tell you. Bold as brass.


Anyone know any heated beer gardens in Hammersmith. Any beer garden would do.

hope you’re holding up ok mate :hugs:


I sympathise. Was planning on getting a haircut tomorrow, but I’ve just found out the selfish so and so has fucked off to France for the rugby. How inconsiderate.

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Pizza Hutt delivery… best we’ve got here :grimacing:

Oooft! That’s a sorry state of affairs. Surely there must be any other option?

Merry regulation evening, DiS!

I went for a haircut on Tuesday and she’d double booked.

I cried, which is ridiculous but I’d paid for childcare especially and was really looking forward to adult company

Burger crust pizza?


Cold innit?

Survived the polar vortex in the american midwest. 1pm and crushing beers at the airport bar waiting to head back home. Flight still two hours away, will be nice and toasty getting on that bad boy!

Hope it’s not too rough x


It must be crazy in the us right now! Some of the photos (like niagra) are incredible. I’m watching a news report right now about how 2 inches of snow have brought England to a standstill. :woman_facepalming:

Oh no that’s rubbish. Hope they give you a discount or something next time.

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Was -38 with wind chill last night. So obviously dumb me stepped outside from the hotel bar to see how cold that really is. Lasted about 3 seconds and can confirm its super cold.

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