Friday evening Thread

What provisions are being made for homeless people?

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evening all

didn’t get my work out finished this afternoon as i had to get back to the office so going twice in one day. fuck sake. need to wait until it’s not mega busy though. gonna cook salmon à la japes in the meantime (aka blackened and spicy :yum: ).

not much else happening. snow / ice has fucked all my weekend plans up.

thanks, wasn’t 100% sure there


Heard on the news police requested homeless try and seek shelter in soup kitchens and adjacent housing shelters and were actively scanning roads and streets to help best they can. Obviously feel horrible for them, there have been 15 deaths so far from the cold. Terrible.

There are some absolutely georgous photos of chicago during this cold period. They got hit the hardest.

Hi everyone.

I have two podcasts to record tonight, and it’s decking it with some serious snow. Like, the dog came in covered, shook it off, and i i got soaked.

I am going to take him out for a long walk later, i’ll try and post pics if they dont turn out pure shite.

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The kids wanted a sleepover so here they are. Garlic bread and pasta for them, I’ve just taken meatballs out of the freezer to defrost for me later.

Need to have a tidy round, make a bed and generally live the dream.

Want to watch something tonight and have a beer too. Got 4 of my Xmas beers left, might half that today.

How are the boys dealing with the cold?

is this a cricket or rugby tournament?

Have a guess

No probs. The big dudes have been sleeping outside for the last few nights. Frozen solid at breakfast time!
The little dudes have grown their winter fleece so they are warm enough.
Just need to make sure they all have enough hay and unfrozen drinking water.


I have literally no idea :smiley:

I’m not going to tell you

Also, found out today I have work trips to Manchester (twice), York, Glasgow, Cardiff, Bristol and Plymouth coming up in the next 6 weeks. :steam_locomotive:


Glasgow meat :+1:


@he_2 is a top top guy

Getting slight snow jealousy ngl.

Just had my last shift at my shitty job that I stayed at roughly 3 years too long. Feels weird, rather than just happy it makes me wonder why I stayed so long and didn’t make a move and what else I could have done with that time instead. Ah well, in the past now and made some top friends so there’s worse situations to be in.

Going for a Michelin star dinner and not paying courtesy of bank a la parents, celebrating the new job: should be absolutely banging.

Minimal weekend plans since I gave myself no time off before the new job (like a tool) so need to do a whole lot of washing and ironing and tidying and tbh buying some new clothes - my current wardrobe cannot support a Mon-Fri 9-5 job, no matter how smart-casual it may be.

Sort of starving now but can’t eat anything or risk being too full for later. Real issues


can’t believe I had to search the BBC for this.

fucking rugby, isn’t it?

That’ll definitely be an over-nighter, so once I’ve got the calendar invite through I’ll post something :+1:

P.S Aww, shucks, thanks @rich-t :blush::blush: