Friday evening thread


What you up to? What you eating?

I’m not going to do much, might start a new series on Netflix and get rid of this hangover once and for all. Not sure what to eat, tempted to slam a Papa John’s but probably better to have something a bit healthier, right?


I’m making a fish pie. I’ve committed myself to cycling to Withington later and I really don’t want to, but I was too polite to say no. At least I’ll get to eat fish pie when I get back.


Oh man I <3 fish pie.


Gon’ buy my pal a bday drink, then gon go home.

That’s about the size of it.


What are you going to buy him/her?


Smash a couple of bowls of Fruit and Fibre then watch the match in bed, probably. Expect i’ll fit a coffee and a wank in somewhere.


Evening. Got an invite to some jazz thing but have no money so probably giving it a miss :dizzy_face:

Might go for a jog, go and get a pizzer (probably Sainos to save some dosh) and watch the football. Real exciting stuff!


well it’s at a fancy cocktail place. so one of them. maybe something with midori in because I am really getting 80s with cocktails these days


Beer, pizza, weed, wine, film.
Not necessarily in that order.


That sounds pretty good. Now I’m leaning towards getting pizza.


Midori is excellent


After all the pizza chat this afternoon on Dis you absolutely should.


Hi guys


What match?


On that there eurostar to Paris. We’ll find a restaurant (french for restaurant) for manger our dinner.


Chelsea v Liverpool’s on tonight at 8pm.


Heading back out in a minute. Don’t really want to, feel like I’m coming down with something.

Let’s see what four or five Old Fashioneds do.


Chocolate starfish is on at work!


It is settled.


Oh is it now?! Hmmmmm :thinking: