Friday evening thread


i might watch some british telly. what’s good these days?


Yes! Currently watching nothing. Just supping a beer and listening to my new (old) Supergrass In it for the money LP.

Thanks for starting the evening thread :blush:

I am on a train and I am going to complain. Baaaah, everyone go away. Just me and my own private train carriage please. Like in an Agatha Christie book! But I know who the murderer is because the murderer is me and I’ve murdered all the other passengers.

Got some fizzy rainbow Colin the caterpillars though.


About to go out. Eric is in the same town. That’s me, eric, fappable, Tyson Gay and Michael Johnson. IN THE SAME STUDIO.


Watching Ted Lasso. Finally, can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get to season 2.

Watching Gilmore Girls and drinking some very nice beer. Might have some sweets.

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We haven’t arranged to meet up or anything btw… YET

Ocado driver broke down. Nightmare.


Is he upset? hope you are looking after him. He probably just needs someone to talk too.

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This is gonna shock you but pizza’s actually better when you cut it into small slices instead of cutting big ones and then folding them double

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I’m a bit drunk and I’m watching Broken Arrow. It’s very bad.

you used scissors of course?

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Evening all!

I’ll post the chicken berry Britannia on here as well because @Richie_Ronco asked


I’m so sorry. Or she. Or they. or Them. It was just a joke.

i’m not sure that it is you know


Had pizza for tea.

Now drinking beer and trying to entertain the dog.

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yeah it is. when you fold it then the cheese is hidden by the base so it doesn’t touch your tongue as much, and that’s a FACT

For some reason I’ve arranged drinks with 2 separate groups of friends tonight. Not sure why I do this, got loads to do before flying out tomorrow. :thinking: