Friday! Evening! Thread!

Alright? Had a very long and very busy day that culminated in 14 people on a brewery tour. They were lovely though and left early so that was nice. Hot dawgs for tea, gonna do clean on clean on clean (me, pyjamas, sheets), get into bed and drink some beers i reckon.


Hot dawg hot dawg hot diggity dawg


Alright? Having a quiet one (off the booze cos I still feel quite bad). Might partake in some other stuff though.

Drinking beer, about to have a curry and then watch football #lad

FAO @colon_closed_bracket


Hmmmmm wee pint local, then might head home, put the fire on and get comfy in front of it with pizza, wine and films. :+1:


I’m barred from playing Christmas music until 1st December. But then…!

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Having pie and mash and Yorkshire puddings for dinner. Realise the last element is a bit rogue but i really fancied them so no judgement on my Yorkshires pls.

Need to wash my hair soon so I can get it dry before bed. Thrilling stuff.


had a nice dinner and a shave, gonna have a nice bath and a nice glass of irn bru later!

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Sounds like something everyone should be doing tbf.


Had the music from this going round and round my head all day and I’m ok with that


Off to the pub (but I don’t really want to)

Think i’ll be playing all the xmas songs tonight

I love Bob laughing when he sticks two fingers up at them behind his back



Evening all!

I went into the building to help out with some training and do some marking today and it reminded me how much more productive I am at home, even without the endless distraction of non-work internet.

I made a shakshuka with pitta crisps for tea. It was decent but I think I’m done with tomato based stews for a while.

I woke up this morning thinking it was Saturday so it is a relief for that finally to be happening tomorrow. No beer tonight but we might do some Game of Squids.


I think the story is that he had a whole song written but caught sight of himself on the way onto the set and couldn’t stop laughing.

We were meant to be having fish and chips for dinner and I was really looking forward to fish and chips for dinner, but a decision not involving me has been made that we won’t be having fish and chips for dinner, and now I’m a bit sad.

I’ve got the fire on here too :relaxed:



Having fish and rice for tea! I can’t think of a more exciting meal!

Did go to a Turkish coffee house place for lunch and have a lovely lamb flatbread though. The Turkish coffee was quite the elaborate setup when it came out.

After dinner, we’ve got another Ikea chest of drawers to build. What a way to spend a Friday night.