Friday Evening Thread!!!

Alright? I am beyond tired from a busy week at work and in tomorrow so no more than two (2) beers for me tonight. Chicken burgers for tea and a whole lot of lying down I reckon, but what about you?



What are we looking at here?

I hope you get a day off on Sunday, @Funkhouser!

Thanks for starting the evening thread, I have a poll :blush:

Do you think hotels/hotel staff look at what the wifi is being used for?

  • Definitely
  • Probably
  • Nah why would they bother?!
  • Probably don’t look but it might :triangular_flag_on_post: them if you look at rude stuff

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Lamb korma
Garlic mushies
Pilau ricingtons
Cheese naan
Sweaty salad bag
Mint sauce


I have got a day off on Sunday actually!

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Prison is too good for you.


I said definitely for a laugh but I don’t think so.

Also, unless you’re committing a criminal offence, then consenting adults looking at porn or whatever is… Fine? Unless they’ve got some specific WiFi policy that prohibits it

I did it specially :kissing_heart:

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Since I had that cold my appetite has halved. Weird.

Anyway, dunno what to eat tonight. Going to drink so I’ll need something. Tilty’s Indian is tempting me.

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Very cold. Had a trying week tbh, could do with a cuddle but looking forward to my bed tonight.

Fig has kindly watched me put clean sheets on, jumped outside, jumped back in and smeared mud all over them. Thanks buddy!

Until bedtime I might play a load of picross like the ultimate cool dude that I am. I wonder if there’s a picross 4?



Hate this lad.



Not a day too soon.




Nae plans


Might take myself off to see Gucci if I cba

Listen train foax, if the ticket machine is broke and the gates were open both times then I’d be a fool to not take advantage of the guilt free free travel

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Parking machine was knackered too so if I’ve got a notice on my car, I am karenning the shit out of those brazen fucks


Just don’t understand the thought process behind it, emojis are so lacking in so many ways and yet I’m utterly hooked on them. Where the hell is a nice empathic hug. I think it might be this disgusting one :people_hugging:

One thing I will say is just a few weeks back I said they really need an exploding heart for when you feel really loved up and literally the day later a heart on fire appeared. Not the same meaning by any means mind you, to me a heart on fire is lust :heart_on_fire:

And I do like the new face in the clouds which I am using as a reference to my bad memory or having an adhd moment :face_in_clouds:

Not so sure on new moon face :new_moon_with_face:

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Yeah it’s hard to use the existing one to convey this when it looks like the last thing you’ll see before you’re horribly murdered.

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Yep, still an overwhelming number of threads.

Bought my first Christmas present today, several to go. One more day of work. Brain is absolute pudding atm


Hate it. All those little blue dots telling me off for not looking inside yet.