Friday evening thread

I’ve got sore teeth. How are you?

Why does it look like that :sob:


Sorry about your teeth btw froggy, hope they feel better soon :heart:

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Gonna get a big pizza, watch Dragon’s Den then probably go to bed. I. Am. Exhausted.

I love doing this


Was supposed to be playing Mario Kart online but that’s a bit too social for me, so I’m going to play Monster Hunter alone instead.

Spent an hour being stressed about making a plan for fun stuff, idiot

Off to pub then friends to hang drink eat maybe smoke

I give to you the worst song I have heard released this decade

It’s about OnlyFans.


Made pizza pasta for tea.

Got some music on. Listening to Children Of Bodom for the first time in about 15 years. What a band.

Got a couple beers in the fridge but not sure I fancy em. Might have a tin of coke instead.

Alright? Very tired. Had spicy bean burgers for tea, now drinking some beers and watching the x files, which will probably see me nicely through til bedtime. Not at work for 10 days so that’s nice.


Pub good, now takeaway and maybe a wee toke

Just watching Toby Carvery: How do they do it on channel 5+1

Presumably cook it and put it under a hot light thing

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Just made a margarita spritz thing

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I’m not sure I would want to ruin the magic by watching that.

What is it? Does it taste good?

The voiceover just your Yorkshire pudding batter like Craig David needs to chill on Sunday


Weekend off. Having a beer. Made an excellent roasted tomato and mascarpone linguine. Creamy, smooth and awesome.


A baked plasterer’s radio


Under the electric blanket and eating some borders biscuits. Will attempt to get a beer and watch something shortly.