Friday evening thread?


My first thread of the new forums.

Evening chums!

Bit of a crap week tbh, managed to get monday off at short notice so am going to try to look after myself this evening.

Done a beer and pizza run, will probably listen to Sketches of Spain at rude volumes and do some housework.


hi chap!

Congrats on your beer and pizza. I think I’m about to do the same.

Off for a stroll to tesco


Well done on your first thread!

I’m in the office mates, late one every night this week and in on Sunday. Nearly there now though innit…


Your dog avatar looks like he’s the manager of a dog football team who have just gone 3-0 down in about 20 minutes.


What do you do that requires a late Friday evening?


Bit of culture tonight


Not too shabby. How was your Dylan evening? I’ve been right back into that funny old dude lately.


Working hard on this mate:


Pizza down. Dunno what to do with myself now. Might put on some ambient rain noises and read my book.



Yikes, November 4th is very bloody soon. Does your company announce release dates without actually checking they can be met without a last-minute scramble?


Just got home from work to find someone parked on my drive. They were sat in their car but when I indicated politely it was my drive so please move on they said I’d have to wait 10 minutes as they were waiting for someone. What the actual fuck, I’m not waiting to get on my own drive.


It was great although the tv ain’t quite as good as singing along to Dylan as one of my all time dogs is, anyway, she fucked off to bed early and I stayed up singing along and pouring wine till the www small hours :slight_smile:




Unacceptable. My parking situation here is on-street stuff, and a lot of the folks absolutely love parking an inch from your bumper so that you can’t get out. People are the worst.


It’s around the same date every year so we always know when it’s coming. Don’t think it’s possible to do an annual release cycle without “crunch” though. It’s a bit grim for a couple of months a year but I wouldn’t swap it.


Decent. What’s your go-to? I’m a Blood on the Tracks / Desire / Times they are a 'changin kinda guy.


just about to head out with the ladzzzz

got a few pre rolled, lots of tissue for my runny nose and a great deal of apprehension.

been couped up like a sick mofo for the last six days and now gonna hit it damn hard.

what could possibly go wrong!


Someone in my space once said that they weren’t going to move because Brian had said they could park there. I told them I didn’t know who Brian was and I’d box them in if they didn’t move, which did the trick.


Classic Brian.


jazz life