Friday evening thread


How is everyone? I feel horrible. Got some sort of mouth infection that makes me feel like all my teeth are falling out. Pretty sure I need dentures :frowning:

Got my passport photos taken and I look horrendous. Wish you could just take a flattering selfie. First thing I’d do as home secretary.

Now on trains till after 11. Wtf.



Having Chinese. About to go play nerdy cards in a minute.



Evening DB, that sucks, you all
Sorted for antibiotics or what have you?!
Let’s see the passport photos!! :wink:

Off to a late night showing of Halloween, really looking forward to it. Currently drinking some nice wine.


Going to try the new nandos burger


Two hour trip home then gonna go to bed tbh


:sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart:

had a v. long day. exhausted and cold and sad and going to heat something up for my tea and watch last nights apprentice.

gl with the teeth/mouth x


i read that it’s got spinach on it. let me know what the new sauce is like (and if they have it with the condiments so i can try it). i’m still a big fan of the pomegranate dressing.


Will do


Do you typically sit upstairs or downstairs at the g troit Nando’s?


I prefer upstairs as it’s less hectic, optimal seat is the ones by the drinks machine as you can just lean over to refill. Don’t like the big wagamana esque communal bench downstairs either, or when they try and put you on the window high chair bar, deal breakers


Ugh avoid eating at Wagamamas for this reason. Also a big fan of the upstairs section. I enjoy eating chicken while surveying the friary forecourt.


Have you ever been to thaikhun opposite, it does a pretty good line in mediocre Thai food, the buritto place is good too and I don’t even like them. Rumour has it a off is opening in the friary, I’m worried it will displace the better options there




Had a briefing today about the video shooting I’ll be assisting with. I’ll mainly be carrying stuff for one lf the unit directors; my fingers are crossed that i wont mess up (though not so crossed that i can’t hold stuff obvs)


I keep wishing you could send in a selfie - my passport needs renewing next month but I look old and fat but managed to take a good photo for my student ID that looks just like a passport photo, might send it anyway even though it’s missed the top of my head off.

My friend gave me some leftovers for my dinner tonight so it’s the first meal I’ve had in like 12 days or something (as in not a shop sandwich or junk food) as I don’t get chance to cook for myself these days. It was so good. My neighbour is going to take the baby for a quick walk tomorrow so I can wash my greasy, gross hair.


Off to see 65daysofstatic tonight but I’m knackered and it’s cold and I’m going on my own and tbqh I’m not far off sacking it off and watching Black Mirror in bed


nope, but I was in the G for the first time in like 9 months last weekend, and I had noticed that Friary Street had a ton of new food places. Is Thai Terrace still the best place for Thai in Guildford?

I’d be worried too, man. All started going downhill when the movenpick food court closed in the friary some years ago.


It always amazes me when new mums say that they don’t get time to wash, because as a non mum I just can’t comprehend how that could even be a thing. But everyone says it. Do you know when this period is supposed to end and you get to relax a little?


Can you not send a selfie if it meets the requirements? I once had a passport where I was looking the wrong way


Never been to Thai terrace somehow