Friday evening threadydd


Alright lads? On my way back from Cardiff - alright bunch of city tbh. Didn’t get to see a lot of it but everyone seemed pretty happy despite the awful weather. Also, you know those signs that are like, double signs?

Might get a pack of cans at reading station. Might not.



Just got in. House to myself this evening so trying to decide which is the best use:

Write some music


Why isn’t this a poll?


Off for a burrito and some drinks.

Later, nerds.


Fancy a greggs sausage cob


Porque no los tres?


tempted to get a beer from the cornershop.

gonna bump my album thread in a while cos I have no shame


On a cob you say?


Bam full of lager at 6-



I didn’t see your album thread, I liked your last one so will give it a listen when I get home.

If I get home, stuck at work AGAIN.


I’m on my phone and useless.


ah well my lack of shame has done some good then :slight_smile:


Wouldn’t really do enough of each.


  • Watch a film (or two)
  • Play games
  • Write some music
  • Watch The Simpsons and start my blog

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Do we get to read your blog?


I doubt it’ll be a private blog.


I think…

you just did.

edit: I had a listen earlier - great stuff. Especially liked the first track.


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: YESYES, I gathered as much… but y’know, I thought I’d still ask :stuck_out_tongue:


pre drinking before a big night at KFC


Work drinks and pizza, that being said think I’ll slip out reasonably soon and leave em to it


I do hope this influenced you answer of ‘do not write the blog’ :joy: