Friday evening threadydd

Well yeah, it did actually :smiley: Haha!! I was going to say blog if you said yes, but you didn’t, you were a cheeky man. SO GO WRITE SOME MUSIC instead then :hugs:

cheers :slight_smile:


Home at 6.30: Gin & Tonic.
Boyfriend will be back around 7pm: Ale for me, Cider for him.
Boyfriend cooks dinner at 8pm: Pinot Grigiot blanc.
After that? Let’s see what ales are on at the local this week.

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Sent mr pn out for chippy.

I’m in the flat waiting for FedEx to arrive :confused:

Deetz on the chippy order pls

Can of fizzy pop (didn’t specify what)

I wouldn’t be surprised if he came back with a chicken and mushroom pukka pie, I wouldn’t mind that tbh

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Sweet potato with chilli pepper, baked beans and misery.

No mushy peas?!

Order has been amended accordingly (do you know what, I’ve never had chippy mushy peas and I am very disappointed with myself)

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please post a picture of whatever your fedex turns out to be

Oh I will :grin:

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Headed down to watch Dulwich vs Hampton. Game one of hopefully five, possibly six this coming week or so.

Fuuuuuuuuu, totally forgot this was on. Balls.

Ugh, grump.

Going to go to Morrisons to degrump.

I don’t think it’ll work.

Been in Trendy Shoreditch© this afternoon and horrified to see On The Rocks has been changed into some awful Gentleman moustache bar.

Holy shit it’s some promotional Red Bull crap


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Supermarket is a terrible shout for this

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Is that it?? I saw you Tweeting about it the last few days and figured it’d be something good. What a pack of shits.