Friday evening

Alright chums? What are you doing tonight?

On my way to see Oathbreaker myself. Should be lovely stuff

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good shout


I’m sure there’s a point there somewhere

Make him abide to a dis poll

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put some loud music on and PARTY!

I really really wish I could go to a party, I would be cool!


Might have my first beer of 2017.

Veggie haggis in the oven.

Getting the train at 8am tomorrow so can be in Yorkshire for a christening on Sunday.

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Going to nandos then a local gig, hope I don’t get manhandled again

10:37 here so a ways to go until Friday evening. Finally some sunshine this weekend to entice me to do something this weekend other than climb and play videogames*

*Disclaimer: there is a strong chance this won’t make a difference.

gonna go for a run?

Indiepop then I think going to passionate necking later

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Right, weed, wine, pizza, films etc

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Not a chance! Permanently trying to reduce the musculature of my legs to reduce my weight for climbing - running can only hinder that. Might go walk round golden gate park though - kinda want to go see some redwoods but that involves renting a car.


Speaking as a person of mid-tier intelligence, it can be hard to accept it when people smarter than you are right. Pride is a terrible thing.

send your bf out with the lads, stay home and watch horror films :smiling_imp:


what’s sad is that the idea of self-improvement is now seen as arrogant and negative…like what’s the goal at all then? I’m just trying to actively stay positive and be nice to a limited set of people

what film?

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Fuck knows ma man, the tv ain’t seen trainspotting so maybe that.
Or a John carpenter film :slight_smile:

I don’t think I’ve seen either trainspotting or any john carpenter film!