Friday evening


Alright chums? What are you doing tonight?

On my way to see Oathbreaker myself. Should be lovely stuff


good shout




I’ve just seen this. Absolutely stupid and hideous. this is why we’re all fucked.


My evening plans have descended into nothingness and the bf and I can’t agree on what we both want to do. I just want to make drunken slushies and watch the Exorcist but surprisingly he doesn’t seem that into it. The indecision is starting to make me a bit ragey :rage:


I’m sure there’s a point there somewhere


Make him abide to a dis poll




put some loud music on and PARTY!

I really really wish I could go to a party, I would be cool!


Might have my first beer of 2017.

Veggie haggis in the oven.

Getting the train at 8am tomorrow so can be in Yorkshire for a christening on Sunday.


Going to nandos then a local gig, hope I don’t get manhandled again


10:37 here so a ways to go until Friday evening. Finally some sunshine this weekend to entice me to do something this weekend other than climb and play videogames*

*Disclaimer: there is a strong chance this won’t make a difference.


gonna go for a run?


yeah just the way it’s set up as if we’ve got a choice between ‘liberalism’ (whatever everyone means by that) and some sort of far right nativist/‘populist’ backlash. or that elitism/liberalism is the underlying problem here. academic debating is the worst thing in the world.


Indiepop then I think going to passionate necking later


Right, weed, wine, pizza, films etc


Not a chance! Permanently trying to reduce the musculature of my legs to reduce my weight for climbing - running can only hinder that. Might go walk round golden gate park though - kinda want to go see some redwoods but that involves renting a car.



Speaking as a person of mid-tier intelligence, it can be hard to accept it when people smarter than you are right. Pride is a terrible thing.


send your bf out with the lads, stay home and watch horror films :smiling_imp:


what’s sad is that the idea of self-improvement is now seen as arrogant and negative…like what’s the goal at all then? I’m just trying to actively stay positive and be nice to a limited set of people