Friday evening

Really liked that. This is now the beer thread

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Got a 2.1 in my degree, from now on you can all refer to me as Pinkybrain LLB :wink:


Almost rhymes doesn’t it

The beer I posted earlier was an Ice Cream Pale Ale. Good enough for me, although the Magnums in the freezer are tempting.


I had a Cornetto, now chasing it with a Red Stripe.


Drinking Kirin Ichiban and eating pork scratchings.


nah m8

Finished a late shift at the shit hospital laboratory I work at. Now heading for a gig at Camden Assembly aka The Barfly. I haven’t been there since the rename. I’ll found out if they’ve changed anything except the name.

yes a1(m)

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went pictures now home making tea. fairly big bike ride planned tomorrow with an excruciatingly early start so going to try and get everything ready. probably not much else.

Listening to QOTSA, LOUD.

Going to watch Have I Got News For You in a bit.

What year group/lesson have you got to do?

Does anyone have any novelty knomes?

My nephew got me this.


Year 4 introduction to poetry - covering different types of poetry in 30 minutes.

any advice or inspiration would be welcomed!

anything on netflix the now not shite?


maybe cinquains as it’s only half hour and as it’s year 4 you could really focus on word choice. If you could find out what their current topic is that could be a theme? I’ve done them before about planets and that’s worked pretty well.

Most people would prob say Brian Moses or Michael Rosen but there’s no way they won’t have seen their videos and stuff before.

Hope that’s helpful!

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I remember our teacher had us bring in the lyrics to our favourite songs and have us analyse the lyrics to them in order to introduce us to poetry? Not sure if this helps!

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If it’s more than one type you have to do that’s loads in half hour! Maybe diamantes and haikus as well. Haikus could be introduced first and they have to figure out the rules which is pretty easy if you get them to tap along to the syllables etc

The new Sarah Silverman stand up is pretty good.