Friday Evening

Hey punks, what are you up to?

It’s been pretty lax with the evening threads round here recently. or is there one that I’m just not seeing?

I hung out with @ericthefourth for a bit, now I’m sitting here, eating a battered sausage (all I could afford) and drinking a bit more beer. will play some Tomb Raider (Rise of) later.


BONUS QUESTION: I don’t have any but suggestions are welcome

Loving an evening alone drinking and watching shit tv.

what shit tv? what beer? details are key here

Some sparkling wine I won in a raffle and the Amanda Knox documentary.
Having the best time.


I’m home alone
Just having a beer and watching broad city
I wanna get in bed but the wifi booster isn’t working so I might just get in bed and read

In The Loop, Chinese, cider. Absolutely knackered so think I’m going to go to bed now.

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Watching the handmaid’s tale. Just ate a load of peanut butter.

what series of broad city are they on now? I think I only got halfway through season 2 before accidentally forgetting about it

@TheBarbieMovie2023 that sounds decent, I might have been better off with chinese than chip shop stuff/ goodnight

@ZooKeepersBoy just peanut butter by itself?

Same. Got some tea. Will tidy up after this episode and probably go to bed and read.


i’m getting ready to go to indietracks tomorrow :musical_note: :train: :heart:

you’re in good company here then

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I used a chocolate bar as a spoon.

Currently waiting in the chippy for some fresh cod and chips.

I’ve just been to gym and did two hours of cardio. So I’m rewarding myself.

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Like when I used red wine as a mixer.

man it sucks being single all the time


Weirdly also watched some Handmaid’s Tale. Struggle to binge watch it though cos I don’t handle tension well.

Made a curry, it was alright. Keep on trying to get into RPG video games again but can’t seem to manage it. Every time I put on Witcher 3 I get super bored within about half an hour :frowning:

red wine and peanut butter?

What the hell’s wrong with you?

Season 4 starts in September! I can’t wait. Kind of hoping I’ll be in New York when it starts as I’m due to be over there then.

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I’m now watching how to lose a guy in 10 days :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

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