Friday evening

Come in babe let’s go to the club
I’ll get the drinks in let’s get smashed

pizza ordered, fridge full o’ beer. Here we go.


Having one of the new pizzas from M&S and jalapeno sweet potato fries. Pretty tired, so will head to bed early. Got to be up at 4.30 again. Relaxed evening ahoy.

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Made a spaghetti Bolognese. With some help from Mr dolmio, sorry :unicorn: porn.

Oh and a maccheese for the kids, with help from Mr Bisto.

Waiting for v to get off the PlayStation so I can watch bakeoff. No plans beyond that…

Morning, banal AND evening thread. You’re a greedy man ezzer.

Sacked off the lasagne we were gonna make for a Papa John’s. Here we fucking go lads!

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Nobody starts them anymore!!!


Going oot. Just had a korma.

Do your younguns have any idea that you post here? Would you be mortified if they discovered it?


So I think I’m gonna get some ramen and then work my way towards moroculous :grinning::+1:

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also having a pizza and beer.

was vaguely thinking of going out but (1) it’s birthday drinks of someone I only vaguely know (2) it’s in south london. I don’t think I’ll bother


Yes and yes…

I tell them it’s a music website so they wouldn’t be interested! Sure one day they’ll find me…

They do help me with AQOS. Well, I ask their opinion.


Aww that’s sweet



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Eating some candyfloss grapes. Going out for a walk before Masterchef cause I’ve been inside all day. Got an early hockey match tomorrow that I might :biking_man: to.

Went on a big ol’ bike ride out to Hadrian’s Wall country and whizzed around for a few hours. Watched the first ep of Bojack season 4 and it’s looking good - gonna whack a pizza in the oven and spend the rest of the evening ploughing through more episodes.
Have a good Fri-night everybody!!

Really hoping tonight’s is a total disaster too, bunch of clowns!

Dad’s birthday dinner. Really pissed off at him over loads of stuff at the moment. Should be fun

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Oooh Masterchef. Might have to watch that too. Will have to watch first one first, last I saw was Garrett going through :sob:🤦

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Good luck! Is he bothered by your name change at all?

Well, my first bite I was all ‘ooh these taste of candyfloss!’ Then the second, third, forth etc grape just tasted of grapes. Nice for a change and they’re only £1.50 at the moment but not sure they’re worth swapping for the regular ones.

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