Friday evening


They’ve literally changed into an even cuter pose brb

Edit: here! Also how’s it going



I’m on an old plane from before they made them basic and I’ve got a telly


Spent all day doing lino prints. I’d forgotten how hard it is to get a good clean print by hand. I miss having access to a press.

If anyone wants one, they’re £2.80 each, which includes UK postage. They’re A5 sized and printed on 300gsm watercolour paper.


Apart from that I am under the weather and horribly broke, so going to stay in, tidy up and then start watching the new series of Stranger Things.


Hi jb. On the bus home, started work at 7.45 this morning so i could leave on time but ended up working late as usual. Gonna eat 2 x burritos and drink 2 x beers and go to bed about 10pm i reckon.


aw, such adorable cats. Are they always nice to each other?




One and a half hour left of my ten hour shift :sunglasses:


Meeting a friend coming back from Sweden, feel bad I’ve broken the tradition of greeting her with Swedish flag bunting



what does :clap:mean?


Evening JB!
Your cats are so great :heart_eyes_cat: don’t know if I’ve ever liked anyone as much as they seem to like each other!


They used to fight a lot and mount each other when they had balls but when they got the snip they turned into angels who love each other a lot. Was feeling bad taking their nuts away but they’re safer and a lot calmer haha


Ate griddled cauliflower tacos and they were delicious. The salsa and guacamole were homemade and I made the taco shells too (admittedly out of bought tortillas.)

Messiest meal I’ve eaten ever - I need to be hosed down.

I’m drinking a bottle of wine tonight because it’s been that kind of week.


I think it turns it into a song or something




awwww :blush:

WEEKEND! going to see Ruffers’ favourite band WEEZER tomorrow with one of my bffs (whose mum is now my boss lol)… going to get my hair done (AT LAST!), then meet my friend, get us some piercings and get mashed before the gig. having a curry tonight and gonna watch like a few episodes of Pretty Little Liars before I pass out from exhaustion, yaaaaas

less chirpy: my grandad’s in bad shape. had like 5 or 6 incidents in the last fortnight. not sure he’s going to make it to Christmas tbh.


Ah well as long as they are happy and loving that’s the main thing!


sorry to hear about your grandad!

what’s your go-to curry order pervo?


I rode a bike today and someone took a photo. Then made a hot pot. Now I’m going to eat it. Tomorrow I’ll ride a bike again!


I pretty much always have the same thing from our local - lamb saag, special rice (with vegetables in) and a keema naan. GET IN MY BELLY. honestly going to cry if i don’t get food soon.

it’s not my favourite Indian restaurant though, even though the guy who runs it is an absolute ledge and does loads for our community and fundraising for flooding in Bangladesh etc. there’s a better one in the next village over (they do a mint lamb masala which is mind-blowingly good) and my favourite one is in Tunbridge Wells. everything there is just unbelievably delicious and it’s pretty cheap too!