Friday Evening

Alright pals? What’s happening?

I just had a butter paneer curry and tonight’s fun activity’s involve tidying my flat prior to a viewing tomorrow :sleeping:

What are you all up to?

Also, where’s @ericthefourth gone?

Had some rice and broccoli. It was… fine.

Decided that I’m not going to do any more practicing for my Netrunner tournament tomorrow because I think at this point there’s more value in being nice and relaxed than in grinding a bunch of games.

So going to watch telly, maybe read, have an early night, that kind of thing.

How do you practice for such a thing anyway? Good luck!

Cooking a veggie Thai green curry and listening to Lomelda. Got a couple of beers and early bed I think.

@Witches @anon89873996 @incandenza

Found them!


Just play a bunch of games really. Test different decks out, find out what’s good and what isn’t. Then practice against what you think other people will be playing. Then practice against a bunch of bullshit because it’s really embarrassing to lose to that.

Working tomorrow from 4pm-2am so having a chilled one. Had planned to make a nice risotto but currently eating my second chocolate orange muffin

Spent the last two days editing a video to a very tight deadline and the client came back saying the footage is completely unacceptable… no qualms with the actual edit but still a bit of a damp way to end the week :exploding_head:

Alright leafs! On the train to Camberwell for the first festive house party of the season. Listening to Fever Ray’s self titled, all is good.

Nice! Lidl only had some milk chocolate ones (would have preferred dark), though I am a convert despite that slight disappointment! I was expecting something more biscuity but they have a kind of loose texture, don’t they? The filling is the best part though.

More exciting though, I found marzipan-free stollen and it is just what I dreamed of. 9/10, would stollen again.

Glad for a continuation of #germanchristmastreatchat


*laefs (how embarrassing)

Evening DiSers :wave:

Put on the Charlie Brown Christmas album earlier which R enjoyed a lot and we had a nice little dance. Felt oddly over-caffeined after only two coffees hours apart. Had the usual Friday pizza. Going to try progress with Christmas shopping soon and eat more lebkuchen.


He’s having a bit of a break (sad but hopefully he’ll be back soon)

Tradition when me and my sister were younger was to watch the Charlie Brown Christmas specials and eat pizza. Need to pop some of the album on some Christmas playlists You have good taste FL and so does your boy!

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Having a couple of beers and considering a move into town as my pal is playing an acoustic gig, can I be fucked?!

Made a good solid joke at the end of the banal thread and should have probably saved it for here!


I did wonder why you hadn’t just started an evening thread

Yes. Your pal will value your support.

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