Friday Evening


Yes. Your pal will value your support.




I only realised you had an ‘l’ in there about 2 weeks ago :grinning:


'kin 'ell it’s only 11:21 here. Fun being back in our SF office but I think I might fall asleep at my desk mid-afternoon.


Yet you’re still not using it :roll_eyes:


Why the :cry:?


I was considering starting it like a Jordan thread. Thread title: Christmas Time. And then the pic.


It’s not too late


Eric taking a break, having a kitkat


Oh yes :cry: hopefully short lived


hi laelfy and everyone else!

I’m listening to @mcgarnagle’s album, it’s really good!

Wonder who else here is a secret big talent??


I start a maximum of one daily / evening thread a week. Got to share the load around.


Evening everyone :wave:

It looks like I’ve blitzed up a witch!!


Evening all. Playing another gig tonight. Pretty shattered after last night’s gig.

Signed the contract for my new job though! Starting on the 11th of December! HOORAY





What is that?




A fuck tonne of Coriander and jalapeños, olive oil and some salt!! Omnomnomnom

We call it “delicious green” spoken in a very ominous way, of course


What do you do with it?!