Friday evening


:face_with_thermometer: :hamburger::cat::headphones::woman_technologist:

What’s everyone up to? Please keep my company. I felt horrific today and couldn’t stop shivering and had to try so hard not to hyperventilate/ have a panic attack. Totally exhausted now and missing my friend’s birthday party. Probably cant do anything I had planned this weekend either.


Hi DB, sounds horrible, I hope you are being looked after and make a speedy recovery.

On the way to Oxford to see some all time dogs (I’m learning your ways, DiS) but also had some dropouts due to illness. :frowning:


hi buddy!

You’re a cool cucumber would be nice to meet you one day!

I might listen to some Prince this evening. Feel like playing something I can have a good singalong to in the bath.




Hi all. Hope you feel better soon @DarwinBabe.
Off to see Django Django tonight. I’m also taking a box of pastel del nata home for mum’s birthday when I go over tomorrow. They are sooo tasty.


Aw so sorry to hear you’re still feeling unwell DB :frowning: Just try and relax and get yourself snug, with each day you’ll feel a little better I’m sure :hugs:

Hmm, a really fucking brilliant ATD is in town tonight and they’ve randomly suggested meeting up but I’ve got stuff I need to finish. I dunno what to doooo.


TV is away ao gonna play some vidya then have a bath and some whisky.


whatever these are they look great!


Toddler bathtime
Toddler bedtime
Then a gig less than five minutes walk from the house




meet your ATD!


hey db and etc

eating a chip butty (my diet has been extremely healthy recently). going to go out later, maybe. might need to dry a jumper with a hair dryer because I don’t have any clean clothes. christ

don’t do anything if you’re not feeling it (obviously)


I know, I might try to do so later on :confused: we’ll see!


Pastel del nata: Portuguese custard tarts. They are almost illegally good. If you like custard.


I’m only saying that cos I’ve had a great time with some ATDs this afternoon


not sure if I like custard tbh. I think so? Not had it for maybe 20 years


Im going to Lisbon in may and gonna only eat those


How likely is it you’ll see them again soon? If it’s a rarity don’t miss out! But don’t feel bad if it’s only brief!

Caveat of being able to do your stuff too ofc


They live in London! So not often at all.


I know what I’d pick but I’m a champion procrastinator who can’t say no!