Friday evening!

Bet someone else is making this thread at the same time.

How are you evening, eveningers?

Edit: phew, no threadclash :relieved:

Alright FL

Meant to in the pub, but the TV is still working. So did some washing up and listened to some records whilst having beerz. Think we’re doing fajitas and wedges for tea.

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I had a 2nd job interview yesterday and got offered the job today so that’s good

It’s a crap(ish) job in a fantastic organisation. I’m gonna have to work my arse off to move on up

As for the evening, I feel half dead so I doubt I’ll be doing anything which can’t be done from a lying on the sofa position


Evening FL etc

I’ve got some sweet potato fries and garlic aioli at home, what should I have with it? You’ve got the 15 min it’ll take me to cycle to Tesco to help me decide.

Hollyoaks, it’s getting pretty good, the robot Alfie built to replace his dead girlfriend has told him a meteorite is going to destroy the village. Probably chalk up another 50 or so posts in the smashing pumpkins thread

May have just bought a chocolate cookie pudding from m&spenz. Better be good, rich.


alright FL. I;m meant to be workign but I’ve completely lost concentration and haven’t done anywhere near what I need to do today.

probably get a pizza, typical SF…P…P? I’ve forgotten again.

sat on some suspicious liquid on the toilet seat earlier, which I’m still reeling from


Nice one! New jobs Hi5!

Had some Spag bol for tea, now on wine. Going to just sit around and watch some Ash Vs Evil dead tonight I think.

Seeing Bridget Christie tomorrow so that’ll be good.


Fuck knows, but it’s being eliminated so might be the last chance to get it

New job too huh? Congrats :champagne:

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I’m back!



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Oof! Thats not a promising sign! Only 400 calories for 1/6, so should be fine

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Pretty shattered. Wine and pizza is the order of the evening I think

Just finished the most recent season. So good.

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I’ve popped out for a bit to give the new car a spin

I think I’m feeling quite a bit lonely and I don’t want to admit it to anyone

Whaddup gang. Reading a book about James Brown in my favourite pub in the world while listening to Silver Jews, about to meet my brother and the rest of the family for dinner too.

Seeing my ATDs play later on as well. Looking forward to sleeping in my childhood bedroom and waking up with a head on me in the morning.

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What did you get?

That’s a fair few.