Friday Evening


Evening everyone. Can’t believe it’s got to 7pm and no evening thread?

What’s for dinner? Pizza?

What are you up to tonight? Tomorrow?

I had fajitas and I’m washing my car (as my dad is currently incapacitated and can’t do it for me). Going to go watch a hockey tournament tomorrow and buy a backpack for travelling.


Sitting in the Bristol Airport Burger King (it serves beer! ) waiting for my flight to Glasgow. Favourite stag do t-shirt so far: “Mingethorpe”.


Ditching a fun gallery opening with free booze and some of my favourite people due to extreme meh-ness. Ready for a sofa snooze frankly.

Gonna have some salmon and various assorted veggies


What are you doing in Glasgow?


In an uber to the beach. Bunch of shit things happened today but whatever, I’m going to the beach for the weekend.


How hot is it in the Netherlands?


Evening laelfy, I’m on an incredibly slow-moving train into Manchester, about to meet a pal for a drink then off to listen to a guy play saxophone for a bit


Seeing friends. Wouldn’t usually schlep this far just for the weekend but they have a puppy.


Is there ever a weekend where you’re not at the beach? This question is based on pure jealous by the way!


Kamasi Washington? Wish I was going to that.




Just watched a bit of The One Show where a disabled girl was playing Minecraft controlling it with her eyes. She was so happy and free in her gaming world.

The pollen counts high again.


hi laelfster!

Got back from a day of board gaming and just feel like having a nap, I’m really cool


Bout to meet the tv for some drinks. Not really feeling it tonight due to my cold. Probably get pizza later.
Failing that I’ll stalk @Steved :grinning:


Evening Laelfers! Not much to report this evening. Making some cheesy chips and sausages for tea, watching Hells Kitchen. Might see if I’ve got enough change lying around to go to Aldi for some beers.


Swap the drink for an irn bru, you’ll feel better for it tomorrow.


Sat in a Chipotle eating a burrito waiting for my train to Beaconsfield and my sis calls to say my mum has to go into hospital. Not really sure what to do about this fucking ride now. In a very bad headspace. She’s been ill for a couple of weeks :expressionless:


hi laelfy,

probably going to watch the draughtsman’s contract for dis film club and then maybe something else because I may as well make as much use of the bfi free trial


:frowning:️ oh no, is it serious? Hope she’s ok.


I’ve been really rubbish at keeping up to date with film club.