Friday Evening

Cycle to the Isle of Wight instead and go see her?

Main system I use now at work has gone down and I’m here til 10. Which is good, except I haven’t done any work since I came in and planned to just do it all in the last few hours. Whoops.

get your act together!!!

it is a surprising amount effort/hard to remember to watch one specific movie every two weeks

:thinking::thinking::thinking:I appreciate the advice but no! :grinning::beer::tumbler_glass:

Hah. Will be going back tomorrow if needed. My sis is on her way luckily. Don’t trust my dad for info tbh.

Awh shit, I hope mamma niki is ok.


This makes me sound so lame

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Hi all.
I’m relaxing tonight cos I’m running a marathon tomorrow.
A tonne of pasta for dinner tonight…probably have the same for breakfast tomorrow too.


Good luck casinobay!

Do you have a things to do before you’re 40 bucket list?

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Thank you! It’s gonna be hard cos it’s a trail marathon…all off road and up and down hills, but I’m confident Ican finish it (before work on Monday!)




Well I didn’t till you posted this fucking message, fuck sakes laelfy! :rage::grinning::wink:

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  1. Have a drink

Don’t worry you still have a week or two to jump out of a plane

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Me turning 40 is really bringing the airdrie out in you :grinning:

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Honest to fuck I’m now thinking of things to do before I’m 40. :thinking:

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Something I’ve not done laelfs! :grinning:

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Evening DiS :wave:

I think R’s dad gave him an inappropriate amount of sugar as he was super hyper when I picked him up. When he saw his new Duplo and I told him what it was he spent more time enthusiastically throwing his arms in the air and shouting “DUPLO!” than he did playing with it. He’s crashed now and is asleep already.

Finished SFPP, featured a stuffed crust so was pretty good tonight.

Did very few of the productive things I was meant to do today.

I was going to watch Westworld tonight but my headphone cable is knackered so probably not now unless I want to stay perfectly still in the one position it works. Should probably order a new cable tonight I guess.