Friday evening


What’s this author’s dis username?

Anyway, it’s almost evening THE WEEKEND what’re you up to?


:roll_eyes: That is absolutely ridiculous. unfriend


christ that’s grim.

how do nebbie. i’m waiting in a swanky bar for a pal to show up and she’s late, as she always is.


A swanky bar is not a place to be left stranded, alone


It’s alright it’s one I have a membership (kind of) at


Sympathy retracted


thank you <3


Anyway hiiii nebbie, xylo :smiley: what you got going on this eve?

I don’t really know what to do with myself :woman_shrugging: I’ve got some beers in the fridge, so I guess I might drink them? Or tidy the flat? Wow… I’m pretty sure I was once a moderately interesting person.


so it’s a lass that whenever i see i automatically go on a rager with. expect drunk xylo within a couple hours. but she’s a goodun and one of those automatically chill-to-be-around folks, so i’m really looking forward to it


Haha, sounds great! Can I come?


100%. get down here.


Work done, last weekend off for the foreseeable future has begun, had chilli for tea and now nothing planned til at least tomorrow afternoon. Cheers everyone!


Had wine in the office to celebrate my last day in the team. Forgot how red wine makes me feel weirdly spaced very quickly. Also got an honestbrew box of rando beers as a leaving present <3 I’m now off work for an entire week!!!

Home tonight. Might watch that last Transformers film on Now TV.


BUT in a weird world where you DON’T join us, what else would you be doing this eve witchles?


:expressionless: I’m not sure, I can’t really think what to do with myself. The bf is going to the pub to meet a friend… I could go? Feeling like extremely bad chat at the mo.


audiobook and a hell of a long walk? bit of introspection?


TV had G&Ts ready for us when I got to her house. She’s panicking about going to the dentist so I’m going to walk her to her appointment.

Cleaning the practice space then, followed by a few beers at one of the girls’ birthdays, then back to the TV’s house.


Oh god no :laughing: if anything, I really fancy making something with my BEAR hands. Like physically erecting a fucking staircase from bits lying around the flat, or something :smiley: but y’know, something useful.


oh fuck okay it’s the exact opposite then. any furniture need a do-over/repaint?


don’t do it. (unless it’s the cartoon original)