Friday evening


:confused: I don’t really own any of my own furniture! I am desperate to DIY but can’t until I actually own some of it. It’s very frustrating.

Wait wait, I lied, I do own a clothes box that I have been contemplating doing up! I could sit and contemplate that.


hi everybody!


Just casually looking at prices for flights to Minnesota in November for the last ever Netrunner tournament. Standard.


damn. make a spice rack?


figures it would be in minnesota


I have considered this!! Also, see above for clothes box Edit


bam! how’s the 1.20 minute star trek theme coming?





do up the clothes box! also make a mood board of your forthcoming summer fashion


good stuff! i have a lot of money riding on this so it had better be done soon and good!


oh it’ll be ready ASAP


hahaha! but seriously man they’ll break my legs! make the theme!


good evening nebbie
good evening wjtches
good evening swanky xylo
good evening henry westons
good evening guntrip
good evening kilogoose
good evening bamnan
good evening epidermis
good evening


Haha, ah sigh, I’ve actually decided to not buy clothes for a long long time. Instead… home tat!! :smiley: I got a clock the other day that I dismantled and cleaned and put back together, it felt satisfying. Christ, I even fixed the toilet button and felt ecstatic.


what’s going on? :confounded:


good evening cowcow


evenin zwei kühe


i dunno just thought i liked the idea of a character being in trouble with the mob who’s desperate for a star trek theme


Feeling quite optimistic about my dissertation / future right now. I think having (not overcome, but kind of stood up to, I guess?) the nerves I had with my first few interviews / having to driving in an unfamiliar city has left me DRUNK WITH POWER


oh wow you’ve gone full DIY. can i interest you in a back issue of woodworking plans and projects?

OR you could learn whittling/carving? :o