Friday Evening

Hello everyone!

I’ve started the evening thread only because I need your help.

What should I make for dinner!? :scream:

What are you having for dinner?

Hope you’ve all had a good day!! :slight_smile:

Evening @Witches. Had :pizza: You should have :pizza:


I am also having :pizza: and endorse anyone else having :pizza:



Hey Witches,

How are you?!
:thinking:fajitas? Stir fry? Big bowl of delicious pasta? Pizza? Some lovely fish and veg?

Fuck knows what I’m gonna have.

In local having a beer and about to meet the tv. You’ve been to my local I believe.

Day was fine, was in Edinburgh most of it for meetings.


haven’t thought about it. ate very little in the evenings this week, although that’s more to do with not being able to afford nice things :tada:

:soccer: :soccer: :soccer: :+1:

edit: good evening witchz and etc

Done nothing. Bored and here until 9, not home until 10. Wishing I was home. Got sent this which is lovely, and broken my heart

Lasagne my in laws have made and taken over to ours.

Something salady?


Had a day off today. My fourth four day week in a row, I could get used to this.

I went to a gig I was supposed to be taking my nephew to last night, but due to his school and anxiety problems we decided it was best not to, I still went with a friend.

Nephew has a couple of good days, the hypnosis seems to have helped, and his Media Studies teacher has given him a glowing reference for his interview at Brit School which has cheered him up.

I’ve had a very relaxing day, met a friend for lunch and I feel very chilled and relaxed which is rarity. It’s nice.

Got some beers in to watch the mighty SERBIA.

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Wife is going out with her pals tonight.

On an ideal night, this would mean takeaway, a few beers, TV/Movies/Xbox til late.

I’m back at work at 7 in the morning though. So it will just be the takeaway, a small beer, the second half of Serbia vs Switzzzzzerland and an early night.

already had :pizza:
today so will be having :rice:
for dinner again :unamused:

Evening Witches, all!
Looooong day at work pricing and moving stuff around the stock room, meant I could watch some football while I worked though. Might have a modest amount of beer with and after tea then an early night, work at 8.30 tomorrow.
I’m halfway through making some pretty rudimentary chicken tacos for tea so all I can think to suggest is chicken tacos!



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Speaking of takeaway options…

  • Pizza
  • Kebab
  • Kebab pizza

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oh are you getting us some food in? 12" pepperoni please, nothing fancy

Thanks man.

The hair is incredible. Reckon you can legitimately bin off work.

Today? No, I’m the only manager in covering the store as we’ve holiday and long term sick

Her hair is naturally that way. Brushed it flat out of the bath the other day, 5mins later, it has sprung up like that again


Done three full size poos today and it’s not even 2 yet.



We had a tasty Mexican style chickpea salad that is one of the best things I’ve eaten this year. Both of the top two are vegan too.

Watching Serbia - hope Mitro scores all the goals.

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:wave: I had :quesadillas: