Friday Evening

My middle kid had hair like that when she was a baby

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got some za and some slaw

was meant to be going to the pub with an atd but he’s gone to see his parents instead. so I’m going to do some more work and then watch a film or something

hahaha! napoleon DYNAMITE reference! :D


Abandoned SFPP so I could go to a penoid thing, but my stomach has been weird on and off all day and started playing up again so I’ve sacked it off and come home.

Going to eat cola ice lollies in my pants for the rest of the evening now.

Ultra shoegazey couple in the queue ahead of me are making me feel sad and alone


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Think there might be a Cornetto in the freezer, going to go and investigate.


Good luck!

Just finishing cooking cod with chorizo, cherry toms, cannelini beans in some thin zesty sauce.
Running some slow processes for work while I cook.

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Evening Witches and the rest of you lot

Had :pizza:, as per usual protocol.

Had a bit of a shit day where my brain wasn’t working so ended up letting R watch too much television because it was just easier :frowning:

Made some jam* tarts and a chocolate cake for R’s party in Sunday though, hopefully they keep ok.

Currently sorting out World Cup! sticker doubles ready for my imminent DiS swapshop, exciting stuff :+1: (genuinely exciting, I love doing this kind of thing)



Really hope it works out for your nephew pal!


in honour of new Bam synth album Friday


Housemate got a promotion so we’re going to hit the beers :tada::balloon::beers:

Thanks, I’m hoping so. He wants to get into animation or film production etc. Hopefully the Brit school would be great as he’d fit in better.

All parents have done the tv thing plenty of times


This might be the most Sebastián Tellier thing ever :grinning::+1:

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Evening. Made the most of £1 work drinks and now trying to work out if I can be bothered cooking dinner (butternut squash ravioli) or whether I’ll get takeaway. I think deliveroo might deliver here :open_mouth:.

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I am having arrabita pasta cause I cba to cook from scratch!

I went to ikea and got some crap

Now I am waiting for bf to txt to pick him up from the golf course. I’m gonna pop a bottle of red and have a glass tho cause @ynot