Friday evening

On you go

already had my bath so not sure what to do with myself

Had a big bowl of veggie soup that mum gave me a big container of with toast and butter. Satisfying. Plans for tonight = none. Might go cinema tomorrow.

Some microwaveable carbonara from Mercadona, coupla beers, maybe some smash bros

Dinner was the standard protocol.

Plans are reading and comfort eating. Wish I also had nice beer but I don’t even have rubbish beer.

Today was another one of those not good days and my head hurts.

Still got cake?

Hope you have a fun party gp :slight_smile:

Idea for your next party: everyone must be dressed as either a ghost or a pony.


Yep :+1:

(not much though, stupid shared birthday shared cake)

I’m going to start insisting on taking half the cake for myself at future birthdays. So stupid you have to share it out


Standard giant pizza. Trying to drink through the last of the beers I have here before I move. Most of them are quite strong though :grimacing::exploding_head:

Gonna try and watch through the second half of the first season of Slasher on the netflixes. It’s a horror anthology thing, I watched the first half a few weeks ago so should really finish it up.

Was my brother’s birthday too, and we had one cake between the two of us. I did not approve of this arrangement.

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Got some sirloin steaks from work that they needed gone so they’re currently in a pan sizzling away. Going to watch more Taskmaster and apparently doing a face mask.

Hahaha a little dog just licked my cigarette :smiley:


Hope that kid gets his lunch money stolen on Monday

Still have a headache…since Monday.

Had a smoothie for dinner. How miserable. I do have a packet of Quorn cocktail sausages in the fridge though which are kind of gross and really moreish.

No plans. Probably watch the new Ted Bundy thing on Netflix and go to sleep.

Banking on gp giving the Canadian party scene a richly deserved kick up the arse

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Making this, thanks @ghostpony

With wedges and Moroccan coleslaw. Was gonna do sweet potato falafels, but cba really. Got a g&t on the go and listening to the Better Oblivion Community Center album.


Hoping the party will still be going when the Saturday morning thread starts


Almost a certainty given the time difference. Let’s make it Sunday


Turns out we are having sweet potato falafel as well. There’s no space in my oven!