Friday Evening

Hello all, I feel like I’ve missed a busy day on DiS. Had a handover visit at a site I’m taking on and the mess is quite scary and I’m not sure how to fix it :grimacing:. No idea what to have for dinner, I need some inspiration :thinking:

Tell me what you’re eating, drinking, dancing, watching etc etc

Lots of work people are at the pub and I need to psych myself up because I cba. Homemade standard friday pizza boi for tea later.

What’s going on your pizza?

Some roasted peppers, capers, olives. There is half an aubergine left over from last night I might experiment with, but I’m a little worried about the soggy factor

Just finishing work. Off to the gym.

Oh! I might be doing SFPP!

Feeling a little frazzled after an unexpectedly contentious Friday afternoon meeting. Nearly home now. The eldest has been bowling for her birthday and I’m not sure what chaos awaits me when I get home!

Give it a squeeze or a fry first?

Done a through the keyhole where do I upload it?

I was thinking very thin slices but you might be onto something with the frying

You could experiment with different methods on different bits of the pizza

Hi there! Had a long, tiring day so there’ll be very little moving, let alone dancing. Just had the ol’ Brian Harvey special for tea. Going to watch The Thick Of It and eat some sweets.


I’d like a big bowl of Mac n cheese for dinner I’ve decided but i can’t be arsed making it, nor does it fit in with diet plans :confused:

We’ve started putting sliced up steak in our mac and cheese, and topping it with Mexicana cheese. I want some now. But you’re right, it is in no way healthful.

Evening. Making a quorn carne con chilli (or however the fuck Steino thinks it’s called) for dinner, gonna have some prosecco and then have one eye on Ru and the other on a laptop stream of the Saints game :eyes:

Spinning Interpol with the gal :blush:


M&S ready meal for dinner (still don’t know exactly what it is despite it being in the fridge since yesterday), and vegging in front of the tv planned for tonight. Up early-ish tomorrow to take the cat to the vets (just for her annual boosters)

Not a lot planned I’m wrecked. Ravioli, pasta sauce and garlic bread for dinner and a couple of episodes of Riverdale.

Last night I didn’t get home to 1am as a friends band played an AC30 night in Dalston and it took ages to get home, and the night before was the nephews birthday.

I’m too old for two late nights in a row.

Irkroused. My default setting.


Well don’t stop now!

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Chilli con quorne, surely?


According to Facebook, this is how I spent my Friday night 6 years ago. Note my laptop propped up on Disney videos and something resembling a hairline