Friday Evening

Comic Relief is tonight?!

  • I knew this
  • I did not

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Lucky coincidence for me, I’m already in a bathtub filled with beans


I only found out when mum turned the telly on…

Taping it now obviously.

Didnt mean to anonymise the poll

My feet are cold :cold_face:

Had a wee nap though and am about to keep working on my lovely sweater :purple_heart:

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Sausage and chips are inbound.

My dad (79 with cancer) fell over this morning and has bust his hip. Needs orthopaedic surgery and my mum is a bit frantic because she can’t visit him. It’s shit for him because despite his illness he pretty fit and walks several miles most days. What a year FFS

I always assume you are, tbh

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ffs, you send ONE Snap of yourself in a bathtub filled with beans,


@Aggpass v @nestor will be a LAUGH


Up the cottagers!


Dog is out in the garden winding me up - coming to the back door and barking to come in, then running off when I open it and refusing to actually come in. Little furry nuisance.

Currently awaiting the delivery of a Local Indian.

Gonna have a Guinness or two after that, for medicinal purposes to replenish my iron.

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Gruff is ready.


is that the official red nose this year?

I haven’t seen them anywhere, I’m sure they used to be available in most shops


There’s a selection this year. And no plastic anywhere near them so the degrade. Available in Sainsbos. £1.50 each.

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Badger looks rather sinister!

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Upstairs are doing my head in with their music :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

Uuurghhhhh shut uppppp

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He does a bit. Tommy looks off his tits as well.

Play yours twice as loud

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Are they approachable if you knock the door? or are they idiots…

I don’t think a leaf would be ‘chief’ of that group either