🌜 Friday evening πŸŒ›

What are you up to this evening and what have you got planned for the weekend?

I’ve just started getting weird shooting pains in my hand, I’m gonna say that’s a side effect of the vaccine!

Evening all. We have friends coming round tomorrow. So tidying and watching Partridge are on the menu this evening.

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Pizza and a bath! Had a less than ideal MH week so then just gonna sleep, might try to watch something that makes me cry. Very good to have a controlled cry sometimes.


I haven’t watched any of the new Partridge yet,keep not getting round to it

ever tried smoothed brown noise when you are stressed?

mmmm brown noise



Feels fucking great to have handed my notice in though. Gonna crack a cider open right now in fact!



Tonight is probably frozen pizza, but I’m kind of fancying a kebab or a fish and chips… Maybe some rum or cider later on.

Wife is out with her mom and sister tomorrow, so I shall be out on the bike.

Sunday will be washing the car and preparing for going tenting on Monday.

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When do you start your new job?

never even heard of this before, it’s very good!

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Wife: β€˜won’t those pizzas be better for tomorrow though if I’m going to be out…?’

She’s clearly on my wavelength.

June 14th. Finish my current one on the 8th so a nice gap in between.


Best day of the year, June the 14th.

when my anxiety is bad sometimes I just lie down on the couch and have this in headphones quite loud for an hour, puts me into that great state of half sleep where my thoughts just slow down and I can almost see them appearing in an amusing jumble. Also then when you take the headphones off everything is so quiet it’s weirdly intense and enjoyable.

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Happy birthday in advance!

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Hello! Got some couple friends coming by tonight. The boys will be playing poker while the ladies are doing a jewelry exchange of some sort. Should probably help the GF clean the house for a bit, but I’m currently drinking beers in preparation for the festivities.


all in every hand, they’ll never be able to read you!

If I keep drinking at this rate I’ll be joining the jewelry exchange before you know it.


What year is this?