Friday! Evening!

Alright? Had a fucking loooooong week but did some good work so I’ve been told. Sausage n chips for tea and maybe a lot of beers also. YOU?


Just put Everything Now on. I think the sun might have got to me.


Get into some shade immediately and turn that boring tripe OFF!

It’s too late for me, I’m captivated by the range of styles and ambition and the funk, but let this be a lesson to everyone else. It could happen to you at any point and you too will discover: there’s no going back

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Gonna have some cider tonight, it’s too hot and I’m fed up so I deserve to drink


Big Henry?

little Thatcher :frowning:

My dreams of professional fishing have officially been shattered. Didn’t qualify after first day, just couldn’t get consistent catches. Unfamiliar with the lake, but what an opportunity and it was fun! Home now with a ice cold beverage.


Gold? Haze? Rose? Cloudy Lemon? Katy? Vintage? Dry? Rascal?

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Oh man I really wish they still did the cloudy lemon, so refreshing!

Just classic Gold

Been in the boozer since 16.00

Had bao. Gonna go home to watch a film soon


Evening all :wave:

Currently listening to

And have been making

to go with the butter chicken that’s marinating

Yep, I was listening to chapatis for a moment there (FUNNY LOOKING PICTURE DISC, CCB!!! :rofl:)


Off for a walk

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They still do it!

mmm delicious!




sadly not here :frowning:

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Hello and good evening

Bit tired legged after hill walks and sunshine.

Still, made cauli pasanda for tea and have wine for in a bit so that’s good.

Was supposed to be NT visiting and going out for lunch tomorrow but now V is isolating so it’s garden and naps.

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A modern tragedy.

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The TV has lost her sense of taste now, shouldn’t have even bothered with anything flavourful for tea. (bless her)

Faaaaaaack, this week has been a bit much. Glad it’s the weekend!

Having a Coke Zero @Scout and admiring the selfie thread!! Always a Friday highlight.

Mega excited for fear street 1666 @JaguarPirate :woman_mage: