Friday! Evening!

Hello! I’ve had a very nice and relaxing day off. Making sirloin steak, dauphinois and peas for tea cause it’s our wedding anniversary tomorrow but we’re going out in the evening so tonight is fancy tea night. What’s happening tonight then pals? Feel free to include some bangers also, here’s one

Have a lovely Frinight everyone.


Oh yeah, putting this anniversary note on the side of Mrs F’s plate. She really hates puns so this might not end well


lovely stuff :slight_smile:

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right just about to head out. meeting up with the girl from a few weekends ago who is up for the weekend. i wonder where this night will take me… :thinking: :grinning:


“Your usual room sir?”


Good thickness of salami on the Crosta Mollica, it has to be said.

Not gonna lie but I’m feeling a wee bit nervous.

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I’ve cracked open the beers. Feeling alright actually!

Not one, but two guys offered to help me out with a bike thing the other day and both came in early morning to do it. I don’t get my validation from men, but I’m not going to lie it felt pretty nice!

I’m rewatching My Mad FAT Diary from the beginning. I still think I’m a teenager sometimes.

Time to get your spare key out



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Watching Harry Potter whilst m has a complete meltdown about tomato soup.


Got a veggie Chinese on the way

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Hello all :wave:

Viewings today were a bit of a disappointment: one was in and out and gone again within seven minutes, and the other never came. long-winded title of my sex tape, etc

However, everyone is excited for the fireworks!


Having a great time


Making mac cheese.

Can’t wait for wine and being asleep by ten.


Evening! Thank fuck it’s the weekend.

The fireworks have started already but because we’re surrounded by tall buildings we can’t tell where they’re coming from so we keep missing them. There’s a proper display in the private gardens over the road that we’re going to tomorrow so we won’t miss out.

Just cracked open a beer that I’ve been saving since I was given it for my birthday three months ago


I had KFC earlier. And I went shopping. But I bought largely misery foods and a whole load of veg. Do I get a takeaway delivered?

  • Yeahhhhhh
  • Nah have misery

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I can’t stop listening to the anxiety.

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Listening to the neighbours fireworks, my indulgent burger and chips plus red coke just arrived

Gonna watch some what we do in the shadows and maybe a movie

Might venture out to look at fireworks/ get a pint but that is also unlikely as it’s cold out there


I just wanna stay for the night niiiight