Friday! Evening!


Having my 2nd fish and chip style meal of the day for dinner. Fish fingers, oven chips and peas.

Will be spending the evening trying to keep the dog calm with all the fireworks going off. Might have a beer or two while doing so.



Keep seeing a lot about quiet fireworks this year

Also at my old work, there was a bloke at another depot called Bob Rankin. Would always get that tune (Uptown Top Ranking) stuck in my head whenever I saw an email from him.

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Have you tried Classic FM?

Think we ended up putting music of some sort on really loud last year. Did it for a bit last night as well.

The fireworks didn’t bother him in the slightest first time around, but after that he decided he wasn’t a fan.

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Annoys me that they don’t have bonfire night here cos nobody tried to blow up parliament

We can hear them too, but can’t see any.

But you’re not far from the best spot in the city to see them, which is always at the top of the hill by the race course

Here’s a banger for you funky


The CFM one is a specially curated thing designed to keep pets calm i think. He strikes me as more of a punk man though.

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Written for Britney as a response to Cry Me A River, that.


Nice fact.

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Mixed starter, special Kung po, special chow mein and rice

Got more food on the table than anywhere else


The fireworks have been going off for about an hour here - and the proper village display doesn’t start for 45 minutes yet.

Bramble couldn’t give less of a shit.

The cat is hiding under the bed though.

I’m listening to Emmylou Harris, drinking an AF beer. Might watch The Harder They Fall on Netflix.


Hey Weeber, did you make those sprouts?

Also, your dogs are the best :heart:


Shitty day. Incredibly busy, short staffed, a million things to get done and no way of getting it done. Having cherry toms roasted in balsamic vinegar with sliced mozzarella and part baked baguettes. And some beer, lovely, delicious beer.

Hey R-T.

I did not make the sprouts (yet) but I definitely will be soon. I’ll let you know when I do.

Sorry to hear about your shitty day - I hope that you get a decent weekend to make up for it.

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That food sounds mint at least.sorry you had a shitty day rich x

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Correction - I’ve just found him hiding in the downstairs toilet.

Lol, working all weekend

Evening everyone. Look at this horrible tartare sauce dish my partner purchased for three pounds