Friday evening


Night in for me. Gonna smash a bottle of gin and watch Friday Night Lights. HBU?


Going to watch my friend’s band play in a pub. Will probably drink a beer.


Probably not too much tonight tbh, might go down the shacklewell but really don’t want to tbh


Also the cat’s got me pinned down


Seeing Joanna Grusome play semi locally, by myself so it is going to be a smartphone heavy evening, keep me entertained dis


Sat in the wife’s pub for an uninspiring pint and a burger, then going home to watch the amanda knox documentary.


Bath, burritos, book, bed.


Ate boerowors and sadza. The boerowors was a bit salty but I do like a meaty sausage.

Drinking bloody marys and about to watch J Edgar. Went a bit Old Man Shouts At Cloud over Great British Menu and their candy floss machines and dry ice.




Which of those Bs are you most looking forward to?


Feeling pretty rough, and have to get a train at 7am urgh. Keeping it light by watchmaking football and drinking tea.

Chucked a load of money at clothes today - needed to as my other stuff was starting to wear a bit thin. Coats are stupidly expensive, huh.


Night in for me too. Got some wine and some chicken.


Watching a television show called Sports Night. There’s a laughter track but is pretty good despite that. Fucking laughter tracks. How was that ever a good idea?

Anyway, having bolognese and GB, couple of glasses of a very pleasant Malbec. Early shift tomorrow.


Can I participate in this thread?


Of course Bam!


just returned some dodgy corn on the cob to get my £1.20 back lol.

gonna make some dinner and try to actually write this article to get it out of my system so i can do my actual coursework. probably just gonna eat pickled onion monster munch and finish series 3 of bsg.


I might go and buy some beer

maybe watch a film, maybe play a computer game



Just got home from a meeting. They’re a chatty bunch of folks so it always takes a while, but we usually have these meetings in the daytime so it doesn’t generally get this late (It’s nearly 9:30 here now). Was gonna cook something nice-ish but now I’m just gonna reheat some leftovers and leave it at that.



PS This is a test



Edit: The test failed.


Ok well it’s been a really shit week.

BUT I’m doing alright with my diet and as a Friday night treat it just bought a small frozen pizza instead of a massive dominos. Progress there. Hopefully I will be thin enough to be loveable soon!