Friday evening

I’m still “working” (sitting with my laptop open and occasionally thinking of a few words to type), what are you doing?

Waiting for a burrito to arrive, having gotten very little work done today.

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Just had tea going to start the final bit of painting then it’s new door and then it’s one more room to go next year and that’s downstairs finally done.

Going to bunker the football and watch Masterchef.

Going out on work do.

Should be alright. No management can make it so that’s a bonus :star_struck:


Getting a chipper for dinner after all the chat on here this week



We put the ‘christmas lights’ up outside when my wife got home from work. Usually lose the plot putting them up - all the faffing about in the cold - but there’s no external sockets at this house (yet), so it’s limited to a small run of lights around the front door which was fairly pain free.

Got a chicken roasting away in the oven. Shortly to be joined by some garlic and rosemary sweet potato chips. To be accompanied on the plate by corn on the cob.

Will probably watch The Football in a bit.

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Hey froglet and co, I caved and had a gin and tonic whilst still working and it had definitely helped. I also showered so feel a lot a lot better. Phew.

Going to listen to podcasts, get this work finished, then have some dinner and relaaaaaax.

Excited for fun film times tomorrow!!


Feel a bit rattled and blue after dealing badly with the cheeksters earlier :frowning:

Absolutely knackered. Didn’t stop from starting work at 7 until finishing at 5. Packed a ,lot of orders, sold a lot of beer and had to get stuff ready for tomorrow’s Christmas market. Picked up dinner and it looks like this

Gonna watch Hell’s Kitchen and get an early night before another 6.30am alarm.


I didn’t get enough work done today so will now need to work over the weekend (boo!) but I am going to the pub in about half an hour, so that’s good.

Had an awesome time at CMAT last night with @rob.orch and @grievoustim (but have paid for it today! :laughing: )


Off to the barrowlands tonight to see Skippinish. No idea who they are but the girlfriend and her pals have a spare ticket.
Think they’re some Scottish traditional knees up kinda hing. Should be fun.

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Always amazing to be going to the barras :heart_eyes:


Mrs. KG is out at her work Christmas party so I’m here with A eating potato waffles.

This Post Paid For By PROF$.


Amazing :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Try to be kind to yourself. They forget these things much more quickly than we do.

Also everyone is hitting tired Christmas fever already…kids are so hyped and it’s weeks yet. Xx


Evening all!

Had an oddly enjoyable day at work considering how much I dislike teaching on Friday afternoon and having to work away from my nearby campus.

Wor Lass has has defrosted some burger mix (frozen beef and pork mince) to make a chilli for tea. It was OK enough to warrant a second portion. My sugar has been weirdly low all day and I feel like I’ve been snacking off a hypo all day.

It’s her Xmas do tonight (they’re doing a big bring and share buffet somewhere) so I’m responsible for The Child as she watches YouTube until bedtime. After bedtime I might have a beer but will definitely play computer games.

Absolutely knackering day at work.

I’m trying to decide if to have a lazy evening in front of the tele with a beer or to get rid of my anxiety at the gym.

Just bought myself a euro millions ticket, a mere £112m will do.


Oh god, I need to eat this now!

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I’m having beers with @hankscorpio

Good evening all.