Friday evening

Went to go raid the Waitrose reduced to clear, got drenched on the way but a few pieminister chicken tikka pies for the freezer. Oven pizza on the go, might watch the football and the latest episode of succession.

Can you ask them about this poll

I’ll be sure to if I get the chance

Might go see My Neighbour Totoro on stage in November as a little thing to look forward to but it’s rather spendy

  • Go it’s incredible
  • Save your money. Watch the film again
  • Don’t care

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Got a 10% pay rise today, looks like heating is back on the menu! For an hour!



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Eid Mubarak!
I miss Eid cakes from my old neighbours :sob:

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Honey cakes man they were the best :joy: Vegan cakes do not hit the same


Eid Mubarak! :partying_face:

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Eid Mubarak :fireworks:

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Gf has instructed me to get takeaway (as I think soup or go shopping is the only other options)


Hello all! I’m on a train home, chuggachuggachoochoo.

I think booze is banned so I’m discreetly trying to drink some Prosecco. I’ve had a bit of an annoying day, I need it.

@Lo-Pan Do you go to islay this time every year? :tumbler_glass:

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I haven’t seen it but it looks incredible.

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Full of cold. Waiting for night nurse o clock. Might have some ice cream.

Dunno yet, too much choice.

Going to a gig tonight but I am absolutely shattered

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Salt and chili tofu
Salt and chili fries
Veg spring rolls


Noah Centineo Chef GIF by Allure

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My neighbours had an Eid celebration in the garden earlier and omg, i am obsessed with garden furniture set up. A lovely picnic style rug with bits on each end that prop up as back rests. I’ve never seen one of these before.