Friday evening

I’m home from work, got my loungewear on and a beer on the go, definitely eveningtime. Very very busy day, gonna have BFD, watch Sister Wives and drink a couple more beers then go to bed I reckon, got work tomorrow. What is on?


On train to pub. Might squeeze in a burrito before i meet my pals as i can’t be arsed waiting for them to decide where to eat, then having to pay £££ for a shit burger because no-one likes the same stuff.

Out having a pint. Received some not great news. Going on a date later. Prob still gonna go.

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Angry Daffy Duck GIF by Looney Tunes

Completed leg one and two of my train journey back to rainy fascist island. Had a train beer:

Currently waiting to board train number three. Will have more train beers (different from previous).


Chin up. The tennents will soften the blow. :heart:

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Gonna do some kind of teriyaki-chicken-fried-rice thing for dinner. In kind of a muzzy-headed frame of mind though, so might go for a longish walk with a possible pint first.

Had the front door open for like 15 mins earlier while we were in the garden and there’s now like 20 flies in our house. Trying to combine spraying them with not poisoning the kids plus getting to their corpses before the baby does :confounded:

Dr Mrs Epimer is off out to a street food market, and I told her I couldn’t decide between Pizza Hut (for excessive amounts of bad pizza) or the vegan diner-style place (for the doughnut burger dessert) and she said “You voluntarily got your balls chopped into for our benefit this week. Get pizza from Pizza Hut and dessert from the other place, you’ll never have a better excuse for treating yourself.”

So I have ordered both. And some onion rings.


Boring day. But got a nice dinner planned and the kids are going to their grandparents for a couple of nights from tomorrow, so that and the anticipation of a couple of kid free nights and seeing Walkmen on Sunday is nice.




Evening, trying to find an ant hill.

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Day off today, so I went to the Vasa museum and I’m on my second beer now. Watching my son and nephew smashing around and having a great time. I’ll take that.

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I’ve been invited to speak at a conference in Stockholm next month! Except it’s on a topic I know absolutely fuck all about so I emailed the organiser back saying “Erm… I can do a talk on this very very very surface level aspect of it if you really want, but there’s got to be dozens if not hundreds of more knowledgable people than me who can do it instead.”

Shame, haven’t been in years.



My girlfriend is out on her hen do (sort of; she didn’t want one but one group of her friends wanted to do one anyway). So once I’ve put kiddo to bed I’m going to drink some wine and listen to some music, then probably put an awful action movie on and eat a ready meal.


Good grief

Maybe that’s what they’re looking for though! Nice to be asked! Shout if you make it over.

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the state of that veg/everything

the gravy! no.

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Hiya! Taken our family friends to Hastings for the day, went to the arcades, played crazy golf, the works. Am very hungry and sleepy now :yawning_face: