Friday evening

We are having roast chicken for dinner, which doesn’t really go with the weather but I’m sure it’ll be tasty

What’s everyone up to?


Roasting in the heat and waiting for a thunderstorm. Swedish houses are brilliant in winter but they are unbelievable at trapping heat for days in the summer. Grim.

Kiddo seems to have chicken pox, which puts our holiday next Friday in peril. Lots of fun to be had!

(Tonight I’m gonna have a beer and watch The Bear)


Got kids back from their various school trips, so hanging on the sofa with them and making them watch PJ Harvey.

Had spag bol for tea, and planning to do absolutely nothing this evening. Hurrah!

Just switched on TOTP 1996. 10 points to anyone who can identify this act from these terrible pictures

Oh I had quite the crush on Louise Wener back in the day.

(The pics are not of Sleeper)

Anyway, this evening I’ll be eating beef panang and maybe watching some of the Glastonbury coverage

Eating sour cream and onion potato chips, on the lagers, listening to ambient music. Will probably go full Neil Young bonanza soon. Trying to see if one of the streaming services here has the Glastonbury festival but not seeing anything.

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Was going to guess the shamen but then realised I was about a decade out

Had Local Indian for tea (garlic chilli chicken, veg pilau rice, saag aloo).

Just replaced the bedsheets.

Gonna go and water the garden and then relax for the rest of the evening.

Not on Swedish house book but ours is still uncomfortably warm even though the temperatures have been back to normal for the past 2 days.

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Shit day at work. Ready meal for tea. Four vodka and tonics down already.

Time for beechgrove and gardeners world

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Happy Mondays

I thought it was Scooter but in fact it was Technohead

Their other song was I Want To Be A Hippy


So how come I’ve never even heard of technohead and yet somehow kasabian are still turning up on Glastonbury? This world is fucked up

I can’t believe how hard it is to give up crisps, holy shit!

It’s some British crossover hip hop thing? Senser?

Edit: ha! Every couple of years i make my partner watch the video for I Want to be a Hippy to see if it’s got any less daft.

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^ to the people who’s birthday it is

Shamen was my first thought and all

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Gin melon, sugababes


Excellent glass.

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