Friday Fangasm

I don’t feel like these weekly Friday Fangasm pieces are getting the attention they deserve. Maybe they are. I don’t know. But this is brutally honest, truly heartfelt music writing. I had concluded that it simply isn’t possible to write well about music. But now I’m not too sure.

The OK Computer one got a lot of well-deserved praise in the OK Computer thread, and it was great when the author came into the thread to share the love. So… if whoever wrote this Yoshimi one posts here, let it be known that you’re amazing:

I’d like to write one! But choosing THE specific album would be even more challenging than the writing.

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That’s an excellent piece. I’ve enjoyed a lot of them. It’s a great formula and Derek deserves mad props for his work at DiS lately.

Here’s mine from a while back: The Friday Fangasm: There's Something Going On by Babybird / In Depth // Drowned In Sound


Bookmarked to read!

“Thanks Babybird”

That’s a damn good read!

I always bang on about the ones I write :wink:


Here’s a new one

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I will get round to reading all of these in turn. I really like reading passionate essays about bands I’ve never heard of. It proves there’s a whole world out there.

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Yes! Muse love!

It’s nice enough to read something possible about them. That it doesn’t descend into a lazy “they’re shite now la” piece has made me really happy. Instead it’s a diplomatic acknowledgement that their later stuff gets a “mixed” response.

Luke Beardsworth - let’s be friends!

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How do I find a list of all of them? I chanced across the fugazi one and enjoyed it, but couldn’t find the rest of the series

@sean @derekrocks ?