Friday fangtastic

Morning. Holy fucking shit Lisa Marie Presley died. I’m going back to bed.

How are your days?

thank god it’s Friday!!

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I need to get in the shower but I’m seemingly physically attached to the sofa. Turns out BBC2’s Make It At Market really is compelling viewing.

Morning all :wave:

It’s Friday 13th today so time for a slightly spooky :sun_with_face: :ghost: :black_cat: DAYLIGHT UPDATE :black_cat: :ghost: :sun_with_face:

:sunny: :crescent_moon: Daylight :heavy_plus_sign:
King’s Lynn 08:04 16:09 08:04:36 +2:18
London 08:01 16:17 08:16:06 +2:10
Glasgow 08:39 16:11 07:31:58 +2:42
Manchester 08:18 16:16 07:57:34 +2:23
The Beer Factory, Devon 08:10 16:37 08:26:29 +2:03
Newcastle 08:24 16:06 07:41:53 +2:35
Cardiff 08:13 16:29 08:16:20 +2:10
Belfast 08:39 16:25 07:46:02 +2:32

It’s nice to see that The Beer Factory has finally broken the 2 minute mark. Of course, it’s way ahead of the rest of the country in terms of sunset times, so it shouldn’t feel like a straggler.



Been at work since 4.30. Drove down to Worcester and someone is being assessed, so I’ve got my feet up for the ride back to Brum.

Another little bit to do after but finished just after 10am for the weekend.

They’ve had the painters in at work and boy, what a job they’re doing:


Had a missed phone call from the doctors the other day and then a text saying it was time to book in my “annual blood review”. I don’t really understand why the wrong texts/communications get sent to patients but it seemingly happens a lot.

Nice of them to commission some work after Sir Richard Long

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It might be Friday, but today is my Tuesday in reality. First full weekend at work since the beginning of December. This’ll be tough.

Maybe a beer tonight, maybe not. Who knows.

Today I have roughly 14 hours work to fit into 8 hours. This is what I get for taking a holiday over Christmas.

I went drinking with two of her daughters a few times, incredibly nice people too. Feel so bad for them, they’ve lost their brother and mother at such young ages.

This post paid for by PROF$.


Knackered, got in after midnight, but still woke up at same time. Was gonna go in the office but not now

Gonna post this again because I want more people to see it


Morning, next door are having some building materials delivered and it’s nearly time for all the cars to turn up and park for school drop off. Beyond excited for the chaos that is about to happen.


Brilliant album, that


Glorious the truck is still unloading people have parked on the pavement, prams can’t get through, there is a queue of cars refusing to move for each other, bottom of the street is having a carpet delivered and next door but one (who is particularly grumpy about the parking situation) is filming the entire thing. Meanwhile me:



Day off with my daughter, have slept so badly all week due to trying to ween her off milk, it’s like having a constant hangover.

Gonna go to the park in a bit, then walk around town to get some chazzer shop bargains and go for a cake and then takeaway fish n chips to see if E can beat her record of eating 8 bits of scampi.

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Found out the Bug Club gig I wanted to go to at the end of the month has sold out. Gross! Had to go onto the waiting list and cross my fingers

Should actually do some work today, then Empire of Light later and maaybe a pint out if I’m not dead on my feet

Wind blew my bin over and it rolled to the balcony sliding door and would only let me open it a little bit.
Had to borrow a neighbours kid to get through the gap and move it so I could open the door


Morning. Off to London later, massively unorganised but just sitting here regardless. Wish i could wash my hair on the train.

Had a dream i was going out with Frasier and we could time travel.


Happy Friday the 13th. Couldn’t find a Jason/Hockey Mask emoji so this will have to do: :diving_mask:

Last day in the homeland before flying to London tomorrow, gonna attempt work and some more job applications and then we’ll watch Glass Onion tonight.

Definitely hitting that point of ‘I would take a bullet for my family, but they’re starting to drive me nuts’ which tbf took me longer to reach than most Christmas stays at home

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