Friday Filth Thread - Recycling

Do you recycle?
If so, how committed / thorough are you?

This is now the recycling thread.

I am a committed blue bin user, yes.

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Need to get a compost bin, but our garden is very small. What can you do with excess compost? Also nowhere seems to stock compost bins

Otherwise pretty thorough, check packaging, rinse out tins and jars etc.

the neighbours are away, so currently using THEIR blue bin as well. Incredible scenes.


Because my two bedroom house was previously occupied by four adults for some reason, we have inherited TWO blue bins (extremely handy), TWO black bins (was handy immediately after moving in) and TWO green bins (literally never filled even one in my life).

Living… a dream.

Very thorough - our council seem to be one of the best in terms of what they’ll collect. We have three little wheelie bins: brown for compost, green for recycling, and black for non-recyclables. They’re also collecting everyone’s real christmas trees if they leave them next to the bin.

Spent years working on the phone for a local council refuse department, so I’m both a recycler and completely intolerant of people unable to use recycling bins properly.

these should be half the size of normal bins imho

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Blue bin losers. Cool kids have green. (And brown for your fucking green).


What size compost bin are you looking for? One that sits on your kitchen worktop, or one that you put in the garden?

'erb recycling?


Cool kids like marckee

Stay rude

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Nah, garden shit can be voluminous.

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gardeners may obtain additional half-sized green bins on request

My gardener gardens in my garden, m8.

Got two recycling bins like a fucking hero (they’re brown round here).


well then, case closed.