Friday Filth

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Rugby in October always got me covered in dirt

I saw some police early this morning

All the songs are about heroin.

(doesn’t work)

What’s the best thing for cleaning leather car seats?

my cat did a mash up vom of catfood/ hairball and grass on the rug this morning


My TV’s cat dragged a (live) starling in through the catflap on Tuesday night and ran upstairs with it to the attic room. Oh what fun we had chasing the frantic bird around

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And what about the starling?!?!?!


^ Here all week etc etc…

I like it when ladies touch my penis.

Gets a bit much in shops, etc. though right?

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Oh I got one, sort of. I was in the pub the other night and a friend was showing me photos of a giraffe and they scrolled too far and showed me a nude photo. It was laughed about later. Technology eh!!

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A nude photo of whom?




My mate Matt’s always doing that. He’s very open about his personal life anyway, but I still don’t want to see some dude chowing down on his wang.

On his own wang??


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Recently I had cause to remind myself what ‘Pegging’ was and I discovered the first few definitions on Urban Dictionary are really quite amusingly written:



MARLON: Hey Roscoe, wanna fuck?
ROSCOE: Okay Marlon! I’ll ride you! I’m so wet!
MARLON: No I was talking about pegging me!
ROSCOE: Oh! In that case, I’ll grab the strap-on and lube up. Bend your ass over and let me fuck your tight asshole till you cum, then you can shoot it all over my tits (mate)!