Friday Filth


Deposit your anecdotes here


Rugby in October always got me covered in dirt


I saw some police early this morning


All the songs are about heroin.

(doesn’t work)


Not my favourite grant morrisson work


What’s the best thing for cleaning leather car seats?


my cat did a mash up vom of catfood/ hairball and grass on the rug this morning


My TV’s cat dragged a (live) starling in through the catflap on Tuesday night and ran upstairs with it to the attic room. Oh what fun we had chasing the frantic bird around


And what about the starling?!?!?!


^ Here all week etc etc…


I like it when ladies touch my penis.


Gets a bit much in shops, etc. though right?


Oh I got one, sort of. I was in the pub the other night and a friend was showing me photos of a giraffe and they scrolled too far and showed me a nude photo. It was laughed about later. Technology eh!!


A nude photo of whom?






My mate Matt’s always doing that. He’s very open about his personal life anyway, but I still don’t want to see some dude chowing down on his wang.


On his own wang??




Recently I had cause to remind myself what ‘Pegging’ was and I discovered the first few definitions on Urban Dictionary are really quite amusingly written: