FRIDAY First of Novemberrr

Wotcher crew


Gonna have a go at trimming my beard with scissors this afternoon. Got disaster written all over it tbh


Wyclef. Pinch, punch etc.

Looks like you’re halfway to Australia

More or less :+1:t2:

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Making a Christmas cake :rofl::rofl:

Brads and brandies, how are you all

Was supposed to be taking the train and bus to work but the kids are sick so my wife is driving me in, which helps.

Happy Brexit everyone! Expecting my blue passport through the door any day now :+1:


Feels so ruddy bloody good to be free of the yoke of Franco-German oppression, doesn’t it? Going to eat the bendiest banana I can find to celebrate.


Alright champs. Early innit. Went to bed too late and woke up too early, so pretty tired now. My parents are coming up to collect the kiddo and then we’re off to Bristol for the day and staying at my best mates house.


Happy Christmas!


Good morning!

Here is how my day was looking at various points in the week:

  • Monday: R’s dad cancels seeing him for the week.
  • Wednesday: R’s dad says he can see him on Friday afterall!
  • Friday approx. 2am: R has been waking ehich isn’t usual, he has a fever, he’s not going anywhere today.

So I have had very little sleep, hadn’t even recovered from the stress of yesterday, and now I am going to have to be on top mum form which I am not sure I can be :frowning:


You are a top mum x


Morning. On the way to Heathrow, going to Australia for 5 weeks, looking forward to reading your posts out of phase and keeping theo company


Thanks. I won’t be today though, I was planning on spending most of the day in some state of sensory deprivation to recover from all the overload of yesterday (meeting my dad’s partner, having a load of unplanned and stressful arrangements sprung on me).

Despite being sick R is still a ball of energy I can’t really cope with rn :frowning:

Morning crew

Very hungry today, going to eat the much maligned fishy broccoli pasta for lunch since that pasta thread gave me a craving, and I can’t wait. Don’t @ me, haters.

Why do I put so many Halliween decorations up? Got to take them down at some point.

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Just leave them up until December, then they can become Christmas decorations #lifehack


Mooorning and belated HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! I had a brilliant night. Many a horror film was had.

I would like to know what @whiterussian and @laika watched. And everyone else of course, I just have no doubt that these two will have watched something spooky :blush:

Thank you for the shoutout last night @Lo-Pan I hope you had a brilliant night with your ATD!


Halloween decorations? Let’s see let’s see.

“Hiya just 30g of cutters choice please” (tobacco)
“Have you got any i.d?”
“I’m a 30 year old teacher…”
“Well you don’t look it.”
“I haven’t got anything on me. Look here’s my tag saying I’m a teacher you can’t be a teacher under 18”
" Yeah but I need i.d"

Fucking HELL