Friday Fish n Chips Lunch Thread

Here we go

After weeks of slating the canteen’s fish n chips they have finally upped their batter game.

What u havin huns?


This isn’t the plaice for puns


Hello, sailor!

had a king prawn pad thai :yum:

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Every single time you post fish and chips I immediately want fish and chips. Looks well good. I am also loving the swimming pool of mushy peas :smiley: Love mushy peas!!

I am having… a coffee :neutral_face:


think i’m gonna go to wasabi for tofu bento box

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My lunch was a shambles today. Cheese and spiced carrot chutney sandwiches … but the chutney was way too runny and ended up rendering the sandwiches a soggy mess.

On the plus side, I have the second half of that butter chicken for dinner, plus parathas

that’s a good amount of mushy ps

I had oven chips type fish and chips last night (with mps of course). Was pretty pretty good

Had a sandwhich from home today - ham and cheddar

The curve makes it look more like a battered banana.

Haven’t got any lunch yet, but it’ll probably be a misery sandwich from Tesco with salt and vinegar squares. SQUARES!!!

I’ve got really into their Yakisoba lately. I’m assuming it’s due to the copious amounts of MSG they probably put in it.

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Stop trying to take traffic away from the boards

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Grilled avocado and spinach on those thins things.

Needs more peas…

God I miss my old work canteen on Fridays. Was in a pub in Holland Park after football last night and perused their menu and their fish and chips was FIFTEEN ENGLISH POUNDS :grimacing:

2 x rolls (black treacle and stout ham, cheese, rocket, mayo, mustard)
mini cheddars
fizzy water

skyr yogurt for l8r

Couscous with grilled vegetables and halloumi.

Chili con carne from the canteen. Looking forward to it.

Had couscous and mackerel, was pretty nice.