Friday fog 🌁 😎


All this mist is giving me life :raised_hands:

Flu jab, meetings, today is my Thursday.


Morning all!

It’s long weekend in some of Glasgow so I’m not working and The Child isn’t at school.

We’re going to see Tad The Lost Explorer at lunchtime. I’ll be playing a skilful and elegant game of football later.

I hope you have some cultural plans today.

Merge this with the winning Scout thread please.

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Oh no, sorry if i double threaded

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been and played some badminton :badminton:
sausage sandwich for breakfast
godspeed tonight :rotating_light:



I’ve not left the house for a couple of days - still haven’t figured out how to find the time between work and baby and endless endless chores. Maybe today is the day as there’s no food in the house so will need to find some lunch somewhere.

Started a new book this morning though which feels like enough of an achievement that I’m going to claim it as one.


Job interview in 15 mins, wish me luck :pray:


Good luck! :hugs:

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Today I will be resigning for the third? fourth? time this week. That’s about it.


I see the independent is calling autumn fall now. Knew this was inevitable but wasnt ready for it

(Also shouldn’t it be capitalised, come on journos)

Edit no it shouldnt.

Thanks for reading

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Reckon this will be the thing that pushes the Great British public into rioting in the streets


Morning my lovely lovelies

Feeling much more chipper so that’s excellent

Dog walk
Work so I don’t have to do any at the weekend
More Unbelievable

Some sort of film viewing with paired wine this evening for my Mum’s birthday treat. Kind hearts and coronets, never seen it so hoping for fun stuff.


School run with 2 kids then office.
30 mins late to office, logging on and then going to coffee shop that does a 50% staff discount(!) and hanging out there for a bit. Fire me, I dare you!!111



Day off - going to spend the morning trying to sort my spare room/ office/ music stuff - it’s full of a load of my eldest’s furniture and things while she’s between homes and the chaos is giving me the fear

Got an afternoon into evening date later. Was going to involve a walk but weather is shit, will probably be pool (game not swimming) and cinema instead

Day off, waiting for the rat person to share his opinions on rats in the garden. I imagine we’ll discuss if rats are a feature or an undesirable distraction?
I’ll let you know the outcome.

I feel like a cloud has been lifted off my shoulders so tp speak. Im meant to go to my friends birthday tonight bit not sure im reqdy for a social situation with loud music and lots of bodies just yet as im still very very socially anxious but compared to where i was 2 days ago? Good

Hopefully i can make it out as out desperately need to add some spice to my life again… even if its just to say hi

Am currently off work with sick leave due to my mebtal health which complicates things somewhat as ill be petrified of bumping into someone


godspeed tonight too!


Morning, wish it was misty was here as looking forward to proper autumn river walks. Currently in bed listening to Gwenno and avoiding work, need to get moving as finishing early to meet a friend for Peruvian food & Soccer Mommy later.

Me yday being happy

Tuscany is mad good


I thought she said maple leaves
And when she talked about about the fall
I thought she talked about Mark E Smith
I never understood at all


Had a dream last night that Nasty Nigel off Popstars got picked to go into Celebrity Big Brother over June Ackland off the Bill so he was giving it the big un going in, lighting a cigarette and flicking the Vs so Roy Walker went over and lamped him