Friday Food Audit

Here I am, making my 24th thread in… However long we’ve been here now.

Wotcha bin eatin today then?

As of now, I’ve had one pastel de nata.

That is all.

Chai and a cardomom bun that I picked up yesterday as I like to do future me nice little favours like that.

Also, just had 2 Ferrero Rocher. Cheeky levels off the chart.

Just about to have a vegan breakfast baguette as it happens

1 double espresso
4 x toast with marmite.

More slices of toast with raspberry jam than I care to admit

Gonna go and get some nice lunchingtons i think

I’ve been eating the sweets that i couldn’t fit into my secret dismas wrapping

Currently eating some yoghurt and granola with honey. Yummy

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A poached egg on half a slice of buttered brown toast, beans on the other, hash brown. Gave the rest of my cooked breakfast to Avery.
Glass of orange juice

Green Machine smoothie

Going to try to eat a :banana: in a minute but would prefer it in a smoothie or cut up into slices.
Anyone else like bananas but slightly grossed out by biting into them?

  • Yes!
  • No

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Couple of slices of leftover pizza and a bag of beef crisps for lunch

Urbanfox, my friend just informed me he’s reheating yesterdays pizza in the microwave. How do you feel about that?

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2 mince pies
half a muffin
1 piece of chocolate orange
6 coffees

I didn’t used to like it cold and would always do this tbf.

These days I usually eat it cold or bang it in the oven for a few minutes (as I am today).

I’m not a fan of cold pizza either! It’s the microwave I object to. He’s going to end up with a soft, soggy pizza.
I always reheat mine in the oven.

Cheeky bowl of Heinz Beef Broth currently, she thicc :heart_eyes:

Update - I’ve eaten the banana

How did it feel biting into it?


I can’t stand the texture of the cheese once it’s gone cold.