Friday football (and weekend if you want, I don't give a shit)

How are we feeling about Spurs’ new cheese room then?

How pervy is a tunnel where you can watch the players and they can’t see you?

Really pervy mate

Hope they set up individual wanking booths.


After going posh at the Molineux on Boxing Day, I’m all for half-time cheese and biscuits.

The tunnel perving sounds a bit weird though.

Can we use this to do my sub thread of players still going who no one has thought about in years

David N’Gog

Going to my first and probably only Norwich game of the season tomorrow, first since West Ham away last year in a very different circumstance. Fascinated to know what the atmosphere is going to be like (have heard it’s much worse with away fans than home) hope for a win as I cba with gloomy Norwich fans when I’m fairly casual at this stage

this looks fucking grim, doesn’t it.

thought you were referencing balonz

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Specially sourced fromage.

Wish this guy would take his hands out of his pockets and look interested.

I was just typing a similar reply about him and Mr Brown Shoes looking like they’re in a catalogue rather than a bar at a footie ground.

Surely when the players are in the tunnel it’s about 2 mins from kick-off, and you should be in your seat? (obviously nobody spending their money on this shit is interested in watching football, but still)

Looks like Leyton Orient are up for sale, but this is still a bit of a weird statement, in need of a good sub-editor:

Huddersfield Town sign Collin Quaner. Never heard of him, but he’s scored a scorpion kick own goal, so must be alright.


Love how he seems to see the funny side of it, rather than giving it the old head in hands ‘Oh no! What have I done!’ bollocks.

Jolean Lescott has been reanimated and might be joining Sunderland. Speaking of Sunderland, there has been another flurry of galvanising words to rally the troops:

I’d be kidding if I said the players we’re going to bring will massively make a big difference. We probably couldn’t get that level of player and probably wouldn’t have the finances. To suggest the players we bring in would be making a big difference, I think, wouldn’t be correct.[/quote]

Although the finance part is honest, it’s also so fucking painful to hear. Along with his pre-season warm up speech of “Not gunna lie lads, we’re going to be shit and pray that we can cling onto 17th but you know what I’m happy with that”, the mackems must be SO frustrated at having to hear this defeatist attitude from their manager. Or maybe they’re dead inside. Who knows.


Yeah, a good own goal should really be enjoyed. I guess people don’t as they’d get accused of lacking passhun.

When we went in a box at the molineux they’d missed that we wanted dinner so they did us some chip cobs up. Did the job.