Friday football (and weekend if you want, I don't give a shit)


He’s really good, I saw him score a hat-trick against (an admittedly poor) Karlsruhe at the start of the season for Union. Caused problems all day and thought at the time he could do a job in England, could be a really good signing for you

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My mistake, scored two, 1 assist

Berahino finally released from his Pulis prison and going to Stoke… for all of £10 million, rising to £5 million with add-ons. I don’t reckon when Berahino started all of this he wanted to go to Stoke, and I have to imagine West Brom wanted a lot more than £10 in the current transfer market. But it seems like they’ve both shot each other in the foot?

He played against Palace when I went to Union Berlin. Think he got an assist.

Such a fucking weird saga that. My vague understanding of it is that when West Baseball Cap turned down 25 mil from Spurs for him, they hadn’t fathomed how much of a Odemwingie-esque headcase he was. Pulis tried to play hardball with a kid who just couldn’t take it at all, and went into hibernation as a result.

Still doesn’t explain why any Premier League side would want to take a punt on him at this point, particularly not a fairly comfortable side like Stoke.

It was literally done via Google translate

That’s what I’ve heard, yes.

He did seem like a solid striker in that one (only one!) season years ago (years!) but £25 million for him seemed a bit OTT at the time. Hard to say what kind of state he’s in at the moment as well. I think he’s worth a £10 million pound risk because you’d imagine he’s going to get at least 10 goals a season if he stays injury free and has the right support? Still young-ish too.

Then again he’s scored only 5 goals in his past 35 appearances… And if he has a couple good seasons at Stoke I can imagine him trying to force a move away. Like you say it’s a weird one.

I only just realised that Kyle Walker hasn’t gone double-barrel after getting married to someone whose surname is Peters…

Rumour doing the rounds that Celino’s sold Chris Wood to China.

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Berahino not worth £10M apparently.


Wasn’t Jose Fonte worth £30M at the end of December? It’s been a hard January if he’s going for £8M now.

The press doing their damndest to unsettle City before a big game as per - Aguero wants to go to Chelsea despite the club announcing his new contract yesterday, Pep having a breakdown…again. Don’t know why they feel the need to any more, the team’s complete allergy to doing the business in big games anyway probably means it’s a completely futile act.

Fonte seems like a weird one. Rumours of some big clubs coming sniffing around so he decides that he’s off…

and goes to… West Ham?

Shot himself in the foot thinking he’s Billy Big Bollocks?

Gone to the highest bidder (wages), surely? Don’t think it’s a bad move money or location-wise, but not even a sideways one in footballing terms.

Not sure why Saints have sold for £8m when the party line was he wasn’t available at a lot more. Think the days of reduced values during the last years of deals are long gone.

I read that the new spursadium has got a micro brewery that can pour 10,000 pints a minute.


the BIG LEAGUE is not back!

we are however playing the very rude cast of Hamilton in the coupe de l’ecosse

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He was out of contract at the end if the season when he could have gone on a free.

So to get £8m is good business for Southampton and like Defoe at Sunderland if he guarantees safetey and £200m for West Ham it’s good business for them too.

Would have loved him back at Palace.

Thought he’d signed an extension to take him through to the end of next season. Ah fuck him anyway :laughing:

You might be right im just going by our forum which has an interest as he’s ex Palace.

Apparently he turned down a 1 year extension at £60k pw. For 2.5 years at West Ham.

We beat Southampton 3-0 this season and Fonte was pretty awful. He was always one of my favourite ever Palace defenders though.

Been told that City are most bookies’ favourites this afternoon. That is genuinely mental.