Friday Football Thread (ft. Everton - Palace and the worst pun ever)



The absolute state of this


I’m going to see Football Ramble tonight. That’s all the football chat I have.


well fuck


Southgate managing Rooney for England, nae joy englanders


And we’ll still wallop the jocks!


Picked up a great assist within seconds of being on the pitch last night though eh

(Savage: Great intelligence to hold his run, “got a bit lucky” with the assist but the pass was really fired in at him in fairness)


Captain. Leader. Leg.


Interested to hear how Giggsy was open to ye olde bungies give his managerial career lasted a whole three weeks.

It’s probably a complete coincidence that him, Hughes, Bruce and Moyes are all said to be involved, though…


Is the first tabloid newspaper you’ve seen since 2004?






:smiley: Fucking hell, I can’t even fathom what he would have had the time to squeeze in a quick bung for! Appearance fee from Tom Lawrence’s Dad maybe?


state of that goalkeeping ffs


What’s your goal celebration of choice? Think I’m a Shearer type of guy.


Handshake, back to the centre-circle.


Kick the everlasting shit out of the advertising hoardings



i like the ones they do from the old days where they do really crap little jumps with their arms in the air


Obviously this will never ever happen, but it’s an interesting idea. Not sure how it could work logistically, but…


Normally go for a Lomano Lua-Lua style celebration